• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Jared Kushner is the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump and the chief architect behind the Trump administration’s peace plan. He believes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is responsible for the wave of violence we have witnessed in Israel and the West Bank recently, writes the Times of Israel.

Kushner reportedly told reporters after informing members of the UN Security Council about the peace plan, which was categorically rejected by the Palestinians.

-He called on the Palestinians to rage even before he saw the plan. p>

On Thursday, three terrorist attacks against Israel were carried out in 12 hours. First, twelve soldiers were wounded, one of them is in critical condition when a terrorist drove them down on purpose. The motorist was later found and arrested. A few hours later, a police officer was shot in the arm in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist was shot and killed in a shootout.

In a third terrorist attack on the same day, a group of people were shot outside the Dolev settlement in the West Bank. A soldier was slightly injured in the attack. The perpetrators fled in a car and are still at large. In addition, three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces as a result of riots.

Palestinian leaders say the violence was an inevitable result of what they believe is a pro-Israel bias in the plan, while Israeli officials believe the Palestinian Authority is urging their own people to carry out attacks.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly called for riots. (Screenshot of video from Youtube / Memri.org)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly contacted President Abbas directly and asked him to stop the calls for violence.

-This will not help you. Not the knife attacks, not the car attacks, not the snipers and not the calls for violence. We will do everything necessary to ensure our security, secure our borders and guarantee our future. We will do it with or without you, Netanyahu reportedly said in his appeal.

Kushner believes that the president of the Palestinian Authority has stuck to a blind alley by rejecting the plan even before it was announced.

-I think he was surprised at how good the plan was for the Palestinian people, but he locked himself in a position even before the plan came out and I do not know why he did it, says the chief architect behind the peace plan.

Trump’s son-in-law goes on to say that the Palestinian leadership has a long history of responding to various peace offers with calls for violence.

-I think the international community is tired of this behavior, he says.

Kushner presented the plan to the UN Security Council on Thursday 6 February. He describes the two-hour meeting as “very constructive”.

Like Trump, he says this plan may be the last chance the Palestinians get to establish their own state. He calls on the Palestinian leadership to stop the violence and resume negotiations.

Medical personnel at the scene where twelve soldiers were injured after a collision on 6 February. (Photo: Magen David Adom)

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