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It is 55 years since Fatah, the main participant in the PLO, carried out its first terrorist attack on Israel. On January 1, 1955, Palestinian terrorists attempted to blow up Israel’s largest water project. This was the first time Fatah was behind a terrorist attack. Since then, there have been many more.

To mark 55 years since the first terrorist attack, Fatah has planned to hold many public events. The recurring theme of the celebrations is that Fatah was the first to use terror, that Fatah has not stopped using terror, and that Fatah will never stop using terror, writes the Israeli organization Palestinian Media Watch on its website.

During one of the events already held, Fatah presented a model illustrating a Jewish city, they poured gasoline in addition to the model of the Jewish city and burned it to great cheers from the audience. While the model was burning, music was played over the speakers promising that Fatha’s terror would continue.

I come against you my enemy from every house, neighborhood and street. Our war is a war in the streets. I’m coming towards you, my enemy. We come from every house with axes and knives. With grenades we will announce a people’s war. I swear, my enemy, you will not escape the people and the revolution.

From the celebration in Nablus January 6, 2020.

Just before the model of the Jewish city was ignited, Fatah Vice President Mahmoud Al-Aloul glorified all the terror that Fatah has been behind since 1965. He also promised that the terror against Israel will continue from the Palestinian organization, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Fatah was the first bullet,” he shouted to the cheers of the audience. And added that “this is how it is and this is how it will continue – without a doubt”. In addition, the Vice President praised several well-known Palestinian terrorists who have killed dozens of Israelis. He cited, among others, Dalal Mughrabi who was behind an attack on an Israeli bus in 1978. 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, were killed in the attack. He also mentioned several terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Do you know what price we are paying for freedom and independence? Rivers of blood. Blessed be the martyrs! And to the prisoners who suffer a lot, after almost 40 years in prison cells. Blessed be you all!

Mahmoud Al-Aloul, Vice President of FATAH.

Another speaker at the Fatah event also promised that the terror against Israel would continue, further saying that “we still hold arms in our hand.”

At another anniversary celebration, with Al-Aloul standing next to President Abbas on the rostrum, the Vice President emphasized that he and the whole of Fatah have great respect for Palestinian terrorists and assassins.

How great is the suffering of the prisoners who are close to our hearts and who have sacrificed their freedom. We send our thoughts to them all – Marwan [Barghouti], Karim [Younes], [Fuad] Al-Shubaki, Ahmad Sa’adat and all the wonderful warriors we are so proud of.

Mahmoud Al -Aloul, Vice President of Fatah.

Palestinian Media Watch has repeatedly documented that Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah has made it clear that it has not stopped using terror – or armed resistance as they call it – against Israel.

After Palestinian terrorists entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and killed five Jews with knives and axes in November 2014, Fatah released a video on Facebook that apparently paid homage to the brutal killing.

It is important to remember that Fatah is the party that controls the Palestinian Authority (PA). They receive large sums from Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and other countries. The money then goes to the PLO and Fatah.


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