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In 2018, Infinitum News in Norway presented a memorandum with twelve expectations to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One of the MIFF’s expectations is to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to phase out their reward system for convicted terrorists.

MIFF has the same expectation for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Infinitum News has previously written that Danish aid to the PA actually goes to terrorist activities and incitement to terror against Israelis.

In 2019, 17-year-old Rina Shnerb from the city of Lod was killed and her family wounded in a terrorist attack carried out by the Palestinian terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The terrorists were soon captured by Israel and later in the year Shin Bet captured 50 PFLP terrorists who planned several terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In 2019 alone, Shin Bet averted more than 450 terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Palestinian Media Watch, which closely monitors the Palestinian media and social media, found no condemnation of the terrorist attack on Rina and her family by Palestinian politicians or officials. The official Palestinian media, on the other hand, had falsely claimed that Rina was a “soldier” and a “settler.” Rina was not a soldier and lived in Lod, Israel.

MIFF called on the Danish government to demand that the Palestinians condemn the terrorist attack on Rina. The Danish government was silent.

An official Palestinian newspaper compared Rina’s killer, Samer Arbid, to Jesus. Arbid was employed and affiliated with two Palestinian organizations, which in recent years have received funding from Norwegian taxpayers, among others.

Facsimile by Al-Hayat Al-Jadida October 16, 2019 via Palestinian Media Watch.

Arbid has also worked for Addameer. According to NGO Monitor, in the period 2014-2017, Addameer received $ 498,700 (equivalent to DKK 3,354,151.50) from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands (see the full overview here).

Addameer has close ties to the PFLP, which is on the terrorist list in the EU, USA, Canada and Israel. The PFLP has not only been behind the murder of Rina – they have also been behind hijackings, suicide attacks, terrorist attacks on civilians and other terrorist activity.

In 2019, Denmark gave DKK 3 million. kroner to the Danish House in Palestine – despite the fact that a deputy on their board is a convicted prisoner and a member of the terrorist group PFLP.

In December 2019, the UN celebrated International Day of Neutrality by once again asking the world community to dig deep into taxpayers’ pockets – despite the PA’s obvious misuse of funds and terrorist financing. That PA abuses hundreds of millions every year. shekels are thus completely ignored.

In 2018, PA paid out DKK 743 million. shekel in wages to terrorists, of which 502 million. used to remunerate current and previously imprisoned terrorists and 241 million. was used to pay the families of dead terrorists (martyrs).

According to PA’s financial figures for 2018, they have spent 490,709,000 shekels on the PLO’s prison commission, 396,103,000 shekels went to the remuneration of current and former prisoners terrorists. Hundreds of millions. shekel went in 2019 to the families of dead terrorists.

In the period 2011 to 2018, PA transferred more than DKK 7 billion. shekel to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO is not subject to financial transparency – therefore it is not known what the funds have been used for. However, it is known that the PLO uses the funds from the PA to finance terrorist groups that are on international lists of terrorist groups – the PFLP is one of them.

Everyone understands that the Palestinians need money. Especially because their society is largely based on public wages and aid funds. But no one should understand that terrorists with hundreds of lives on their conscience are paid a monthly “salary” that is many times higher than that of a Palestinian official.

Reality simply surpasses imagination. The funds given to PA come from our tax pockets. As a minimum, we should be able to expect our money to go to peace-promoting purposes – not to terrorist support.

Denmark, as a donor country, has an influence and can therefore influence PA’s spending. Denmark should follow the United States. The policy in the US Congress is that aid will be stopped if the PA’s remuneration of convicted terrorists does not stop – the Danish government could learn from that.

As long as Denmark gives mio. of kroner to PA, Denmark contributes to the financing of terrorism.

Therefore, MIFF’s expectation of the Danish government is:
– That the reward system for convicted terrorists is condemned and that strong pressure is put on PA to dismantle the reward system.
– Do not accept PA’s explanation that wages to prisoners are paid from a different budget than that which comes from international assistance.
– Danish aid for other budget items in any case releases funds to reward terrorists. It is the reward system itself that the government must demand be phased out.

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