• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Recently, a little Palestinian girl read a poem on a Palestinian radio channel that testified to the extreme abuse of children in Palestinian society. Palestinian children are regularly trained to romanticize and seek death. The poem that the girl read out is about a little boy full of excitement because he thinks he will get toys from his mother. But instead of giving the son a toy as a prize for eating his food, his mother gives him a rifle. When the boy becomes confused about the gift, the mother responds with a gloomy fact:

My son, we are not created for happiness. In my eyes, you were created for martyrdom.

This is just one of several extreme messages read out on the radio by the little Palestinian girl. The Fatah movement, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, shared the radio feature with its 250,000 followers on Facebook. Further in the poem, which has a message that is a clear abuse of children, Palestinian children are explained why they should die as martyrs: They are Islam’s “ammunition and the weapon that will liberate and conquer Jerusalem.”

Jerusalem is ours, our weapons are Islam, and our ammunition is our children. And you, my son, must be a martyr.

The ideology that emerges illustrates the Palestinian authorities’ abuse of their own children, which the Israeli organization Palestinian Media Watch has documented for a number of years. The poem also highlights the indoctrination to which Palestinian children are subjected, by causing them to adopt a worldview that violates the child’s natural instinct for life. Like all other children, the boy hopes to get toys, but instead he gets a rifle. As it contradicts a child’s natural feelings and thoughts, the boy’s discomfort associated with the experience is also included in the poem.

The boy returned to his bed and complained about the pillow because he was too young for that kind of thing.

Still, at the end of the poem, after the boy in a dream is told by Jerusalem that he must “liberate the city from the Jews”, the boy gives up and continues “with the rifle in hand”.

For several decades, Palestinian Media Watch has pointed out that there is something seriously wrong with the kind of signals sent to Palestinian children and that children’s rights are openly violated. In a similar poem, which was broadcast on the official Palestinian television channel for five years in the 2000s, the children were urged to throw away their toys and pick up stones instead.

Also in the school books, which are financed by Norway and Denmark, among others, violence, martyrdom and jihad are recurring themes. – Report published by Impact-se, has shown that extreme nationalist and Islamist ideas have more room than before – also in mathematics and science.

Here is the radio feature where the poem about martyrs is read out:


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