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Fatah leader Abbas Zaki, who sits on the organization’s central committee, has for years called for violence and terror against Israel. The Israeli organization Palestinian Media Watch, which closely monitors Palestinian and social media, has compiled a list of recent examples of Zakis’ call for violence.

In an interview with Palestinian news media Donia Al-Watan on 22 September 2019, Zaki said he hopes Hamas and Fatah, now bitter enemies, can be reunited to fight their common enemy – Israel.

-If we join forces and have a common front, we can begin to work with an open mind, will and strategy that is invincible. Then we can definitely defeat our enemy, which is Israel, the Fatah leader said in the interview.

When US Special Envoy Jason Greenblaat told the UN Security Council that the West Bank was a disputed country and not occupied, Zaki called for “escalation on the ground” – an implicit threat of violence against Israelis.

-It is not possible to avoid an escalation policy on the ground with great momentum from the masses, which does not allow the occupiers to live their routine lives. Their occupation of our country must cost them dearly, a price they will pay every single day, he told the Jordanian website Al-Dustour on September 8, 2019.

Zaki has also repeatedly made false accusations, often used by Palestinian authorities to incite Palestinian violence, of Israel violating holy sites and planning to wipe out “Palestinian existence.”

-Standing together is the only right thing for those who are obsessed. “Our enmity can not separate us, but rather the occupier of the land who violates the holy sites and who aims to annihilate the Palestinian existence in the country,” Zaki said in the interview with Donia Al-Watan. >

He also urges Arab states to defend the holy sites which he falsely claims have been violated, and threatens that Allah will punish them with defeat if they do not defend “Palestine”. He also reiterates another false accusation against Israel that the two blue stripes in the Israeli flag should be proof of Israel’s ambition for a Greater Israel between the Euphrates and the Nile.

We hope that our Arab brethren ask themselves where they stand with regard to the holy places and the fortress that defends them against the ambitions of “Israel” and their goal – as seen on their flag with the two blue stripes – about a land from the Euphrates River to the Nile . Where do the [Arab countries] stand in relation to brotherhood, blood and a common destiny? We say clearly that those who face Palestine and Jerusalem will be defeated in the end, no matter how powerful they are. All who are for Palestine will triumph because they defend the holy places of Allah. Those who are for Allah will prevail, while those who oppose Him will be defeated.

The false accusations that the Jews are violating holy places have been repeated for a long time. 90 years ago, the same accusations that Zaki makes today led to a massacre of the Jewish community in Hebron. 67 Jews were killed and 58 wounded. Even today, such accusations are extremely dangerous. False accusations that Israel is violating holy sites have also been the motive for recent terrorist attacks.

In a speech to Palestinian students in Hebron, the Fatah leader threatened to annihilate Israel. In the speech, he said that if Israel – the enemy – and the United States “stopped their arrogance”, Palestinians would defeat the Jewish state:

-Fatah is the way to return. We will not lower the flag. If we fail, our sons, grandchildren and daughters will raise the flag. If there is to be peace, they will hoist the flag over Jerusalem in the towers, in the mosques and the churches. But if our enemy [Israel] and America continue their arrogance, our successors will hoist the flag of Jaffa, Negev, Galilee, Carmel, the Triangle, etc. Land that we do not reclaim, we do not deserve, he wrote on his own Facebook page 13 August 2019.


The right to return millions of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel, Zaki describes as a weapon and a “demographic bomb” that they will use to defeat the Jews and Israel.

-Our number in Palestine is greater than their number. Today, we are surpassing them in the number of people, and we want to use the demographic bomb to resolve the conflict, the Palestinian leader explains.

The Fatah leader has repeatedly made an explicit tribute to terrorism. He congratulated the parents of Omar Abu Laila, who killed two Israelis in March, hoping that “Allah will reward them.” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent Zaki as his representative at a ceremony for “heroic imprisoned terrorists”. On stage, Zaki stood with a number of masked men. Zaki has also expressed support for the PA’s long-term strategy: gradual extermination of Israel.

The goal is to wipe out Israel, but you can not tell the world, Zaki said in 2011:


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