• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Fatah leader signaled that terrorists should have free rein


Tawfiq Tirawi is a key member of Fatah, the movement that controls the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank. On Sunday, February 2, he posted a video on his Facebook page with dangerous signals.

Here is Tirawi’s message, translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW): “I say to our national authorities and to our security forces: This authority and these forces were created on the basis of national values, with talented and patriotic fighters. These warriors, who are part of the PA and the security forces, have the first obligation to hunt down the collaborators [those who cooperate with Israel] and the real estate agents [who sell land to Jews] and not hunt any warriors [terrorists]! This is the obligation that they know and must know. These warriors [the terrorists] are our brothers and they are a support to you, so be on their side… against the collaborators and the realtors. “

After Sunday, February 2, Israel has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks, on February 6 alone, three terrorist attacks occurred in the course of 12 hours. Jared Kushner, the chief architect behind the Trump administration’s peace plan, believes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is responsible for the wave of violence.

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