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A third intifada is planned by the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLO), Fatah and other Palestinian groups. This was confirmed by Wasel Abu Yusuf, a member of the PLO’s executive committee during a debate on the Palestinian Authority’s official TV channel, according to the organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).


The confirmation follows previous statements in which Palestinian leaders have warned that Israel’s plans for sovereignty over parts of the West Bank will lead the Palestinian people to revolt against Israel with “a popular uprising”.

Recently, Fatah, the PLO and other groups issued a joint statement on Israeli plans. Here it emerged that they are planning a third intifada. That was the topic of discussion in the debate program Today’s Theme.

Yusuf confirmed this, explaining: “We can not agree with [Israel] determining facts on earth. We will not accept that the Palestinian people are affected. ” The TV host then followed up with a question:

«A comprehensive intifada as part of non-violent popular uprising. A peaceful, non-violent intifada? ”The host asked, before Yusuf asked his clear answer:

“No. of course, it will be a comprehensive intifada, a national uprising with all that will entail, ending the criminal occupation, which implements all its crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people. It’s absolutely necessary, and in fact everything is evolving ‘.

Furthermore, Yusuf continued to defend a third intifada on the grounds of the first intifada from 1987 to 1993, which cost the lives of some 200 Israelis, and the second intifada from 2000 to 2005, in which more than 1,100 Israelis were killed. Yusuf pointed out that both intifadas were a success which managed to bring the Palestinian cause to the attention of the international scene.

“The uprisings” achieved a lot for the Palestinian cause, “Yusuf said.

The host pointed to international calls for negotiations and dialogue to resolve the conflict, and asked Yusuf whether the international community would accept a new Palestinian intifada over the next two years.

«Of course, Yusuf replied. When we talk about the intifada, we are talking about a way to escalate the situation, “he added.

Yusuf’s statements are in line with previous statements by Palestinian leaders in which they do not directly call for a new intifada, but make it clear that they will not try to prevent another uprising.

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See the play from top PLO Wasel Abu Yusuf below:


In mid-June, a senior Palestinian official told the Jerusalem Post that they were not calling for a third intifada. “We simply warn that Israel’s actions and actions could lead to a new intifada and destabilize security in the region,” the anonymous official said..

He also added that the Palestinian Authority’s policies and the ruling Fatah faction are encouraging “peaceful and popular resistance” in the West Bank, while countering “armed attacks that will play ball into the hands of the Israeli government and right-wing parties. in Israel ».

Although the PA has suspended security cooperation with Israel, the official pointed out that “we are opposed to armed attacks because it will cause enormous damage to the Palestinian cause”.

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However, the term “peaceful, popular uprising” has been used by former Palestinian leaders as a reference to violent attacks on Israelis.

In November 2015, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas described the ongoing “knife intifada” (2015-2016), which at the time had killed 14 people and wounded another 167, as a “peaceful popular uprising”.

Abbas explained in an interview broadcast on official Palestinian television why he had not condemned the attacks, despite having told the international community that he was opposed to terrorism. At the time, Abbas said:

– We tell everyone that we want peaceful uprisings, and that’s what it is. That’s what it is, Abbas said of the knife attacks on Israelis.

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