• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Fatah threatens those who support Trump’s plan with weapons and cannons


On Tuesday morning, January 28, the day Trump announced his vision of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the Fatah party posted a music video on its official Facebook page.

Here is the lyrics to the song:

“We tread on it, tread on it, by Allah we will tread on it.

We step on it, step on it, step on the agreement of the century…

[We will trample] on everyone who has signed it and everyone who supports it.

We trample on it, trample on it, trample on the agreement of the century.

We have men with experience who need next to death.

We trample on it, trample on it, trample on the agreement of the century.

Their weapons are in their heads,

Be careful not to get too close to them.

You seem to have forgotten their actions

and even their scary exploits…

Since it’s no use talking, we’ll wipe it out with guns. ”

The text is illustrated with images of warriors trampling on documents and preparing weapons.

Fatah is the movement that controls the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. The movement is financed indirectly by, among others, Denmark and Norway through grants that the PA passes on to the PLO’s member organizations. A number of Fatah’s members and leaders are also funded directly by Denmark and Norway, among others, because they are employed by the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian Media Watch has translated the song from Arabic to English.

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