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ICC to Netanyahu: – Our decision is not politically motivated

Feb 16, 2021

Following international protests and Israeli criticism of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ruling that it has jurisdiction to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israel, the ICC has drawn up a statement clarifying the process and answering the allegations that they are political, writes the newspaper Israel Hayom (the article is translated from Hebrew).

Three judges assessed whether the ICC has jurisdiction in the area, something that Israel and many other countries have argued that they do not have – read more HERE.

It was not a unanimous decision. Judge Péter Kovács disagreed with the majority.

«I do not think that the majority is approaching or has come up with an appropriate argument in their answer to the questions put to the House, and in my opinion, they have no legal basis under the Rome Statute, much less under international law “, Kovács writes in what can only be interpreted as an extremely strong disagreement.

Read MIFF’s previous articles on the ICC and why they have performed legal acrobatics to investigate Israel for war crimes.

5 reasons why the ICC has become a political circus, told by Arab-Israeli Yoseph Haddad – click below :

The ICC statement contains questions and answers. According to the ICC, their decision is not politically motivated:
– We have dealt with the legal issue of the territory, which includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, subject to international law and the jurisdiction of the Court. The area needs further clarification.

In their response to Netanyahu, the ICC states:
– The court is an independent and impartial judicial body that acts as a tool to provide a legal solution to the most serious crimes under international law. The International Criminal Court operates only under the legal framework of the Rome Convention which has given the ICC its powers.

According to the ICC, their decision can be appealed and the conditions for appealing the decision specified. According to the ICC, their decision does not include a decision to conduct an investigation and the ICC’s prosecutors are required to decide whether a possible investigation can be conducted.

According to the ICC, any investigation will not be limited to one side of the conflict. According to the ICC, they will also investigate Palestinian terrorist groups for war crimes – including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Last week, Netanyahu condemned the ICC’s ruling: the refined anti-Semitism. This court was set up to prevent atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust against the Jewish people. And now the court is attacking the only state of the Jewish people.

It should be noted that there is no Palestinian state and there is no clearly defined Palestinian territory. There has been Palestinian Authority (PA) since the Oslo Accords in the 1990s. The PA is a member of the ICC – despite the fact that only internationally recognized states can become a member. Israel is not a member of the ICC, yet the ICC believes that it has jurisdiction to investigate Israel. In addition, Israel is a democracy with an independent court and the Israeli army (IDF) has a system that investigates cases where Israeli soldiers have made mistakes or other.

Several experts have warned that the ICC’s decision is a victory for Palestinians terrorist groups and that the Palestinian Authority (PA), which for decades has received many millions of Danish tax dollars, will use the ICC’s decision – read how Danish aid to the Palestinians is abused by the PA to incite terror against Israelis HERE
. Read, for example, MIFF’s article: “ICC supports and encourages terrorism” – The International Criminal Court destroys it for everyone involved in the global fight against terrorism, writes analyst Yoav Limor.

<strong PA anti-Israel propaganda has now reached new heights:

This is what PA Justice Minister Muhammad Al-Shalaldeh said when he compared the ICC’s prosecution of Israelis with the Nuremberg Trials against Nazi leaders. Read MIFF’s article about it HERE and watch the clip below:

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