• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

The Palestinian Authority’s security forces no longer accept calls from the Israeli defense forces and have stopped security coordination with Israel, Israel’s Channel 11 News reported on Monday, citing senior Israeli defense sources, Yaakov Lappin writes in Israel Hayom.

The development comes a few days after the Palestinian Authority (PA) president, Mahmoud Abbas, announced that he is no longer obliged to maintain previous agreements with Israel, including security coordination. Abbas’ decision comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to annex parts of Judea and Samaria.

-We have never been in such a situation. There are no calls. But the Palestinians know well, just as we do, that they cannot live without us. The question is, how do they climb down from the tree ?, says the source to Channel 11 News.

Colonel (Res.) Moshe Elad, one of the founders of security coordination between the Israeli defense forces and the Palestinian Authority, said on Monday that if the PA does not want to resume cooperation with Israel, it will put the PA in the long run. danger.

PA security forces make numerous arrests of Hamas activists. Last year, the 300 organizations affiliated with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, ISIS and other Islamist groups closed. PA closes those kinds of organizations and institutions. Will they continue to do so? Of course they will, if the PA fails to do so and gives the Islamist organizations air they will quickly fill the void, according to Elad who is currently an associate professor at Western Galilee College.

Israel and the PA have a common interest in suppressing Hamas in the West Bank, the PA benefits greatly from Israel’s operations and intelligence used to prevent Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from building an armed infrastructure.

-I think Abbas’s maneuver is more of a game for the gallery. I do not think he can maintain it over time because the PA has a strategic need for coordination with Israel. The risks PA takes if they maintain it will be very large including the risk of an armed coup against them. Hamas has a presence in the West Bank and without Israel it will become stronger, says Elad.

According to Elad’s assessment, Abbas’ decision should be seen as a maneuver to avoid criticism from his Islamist rivals. Elad believes security coordination between the PA and the IDF will quietly return to normal.

On the other hand, he warns that as long as there is no contact, the risk increases and the coming days are, so to speak, a litmus test. An escalation can occur if, for example, an Israeli citizen accidentally enters a Palestinian city and the PA police do not make sure to return him to the IDF as has happened in the past.

In addition, coordination of movements between PA forces and the IDF in Area B is an important issue.

The problem is in area B, not A or C, Elad emphasizes.

Under the Oslo Accords, Area C is under Israeli military and civilian control, while Area A is under full PA military and civilian control.

Area B, where many Palestinian villages are located, requires coordination, which means that if the IDF enters villages in that area, they will notify the PA. PA forces must coordinate their movements with the IDF and they enter Palestinian police stations to avoid tensions, including the risk of gunfire.

-If this coordination does not happen and the IDF runs into the PA, there is a risk of escalation , says Elad.

In addition, coordination is crucial in connection with the nightly IDF arrests in the fight against terrorists, which take place in the disputed areas.

Elad believes that Abbas’ move forward could be the start of a much bigger crisis in the PA if Israel chooses to annex parts of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.

“Should Israel choose to exercise sovereignty over major areas,” must Abbas make a strategic decision: “Will the PA continue to function, or will they hand over the keys to Israel and ask them to take responsibility for 2.5 million Palestinians?” Elad asks. more moderate use of Israeli sovereignty may mean that Abbas or his successor may try to keep the PA intact and cooperate with Israel.

Elad notes that PA does not enjoy full support in the West Bank “it is not Abbas ‘territory everywhere. There are areas he can not enter. Abbas’ successor may face even greater challenges. The young Palestinian generation is less committed to its leadership. . “

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