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Six educational movies you can watch at Christmas

Dec 20, 2019 , ,

Here is a collection of six short documentaries produced by the French-Israeli journalist Pierre Rehov. The films show aspects of Palestinian society that the Danish, Norwegian and international media do not tell. The films show, among other things, how widespread corruption is in Palestinian society. While some Palestinians live in miserable conditions, others live a life of lavish luxury. The six films last between eight and 24 minutes.

This 17-minute video exposes Palestinian corruption. See Palestinian leaders living in large palaces:


This 10 minute film reveals Palestinian apartheid:


This 23 minute video reveals the true story of the Palestinians’ struggle against the Jewish state:


This 8-minute video shows how Palestinians are being rewarded by Palestinian authorities for killing Jews:


This 16-minute video addresses the plight of Palestinian Christians in the Palestinian territories:


This 14-minute video deals with Palestinian animal cruelty (strong image warning):


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