• Mon. May 16th, 2022

The man behind the massacre has been rewarded with 1.7 million kroner, financed by your tax money


Today it is 18 years since the most deadly attack during the Second Intifada took place. On March 27, 2002, a Palestinian terrorist, dressed as a woman, managed to smuggle powerful explosives into a hotel in Netanya. When the Hamas terrorist entered the dining room, he detonated the bomb. 30 civilians between the ages of 20 and 90 were killed, 20 were seriously injured and 120 were lightly injured, according to Wikipedia.

In May 2002, Abbas Al-Sayid was arrested by Israeli forces. He was then convicted of planning the Easter massacre in Netanya plus an attack on a shopping mall in Netanya on May 19, 2002, in which five people were killed.

In the 18 years since then, Al-Sayid has been rewarded with $ 1.7 million by the Palestinian Authority, a financial reward several times higher than the average salary of Palestinian teachers and police in the same period. . The terrorist’s current monthly salary is 13,600 kroner and will gradually increase to 22,700 kroner.

The Palestinians’ reward system for convicted terrorists with Israeli lives on their conscience is financed, among other things, by Denmark.

Denmark, as a donor country, has an influence and can influence the Palestinian Authority’s spending of money. Denmark should follow the United States. The policy in the US Congress is that aid is stopped if the remuneration of convicted terrorists does not stop – the Danish government could learn from that.

As long as Denmark gives millions of kroner to the Palestinian Authority, Denmark also contributes to the financing of terror.

Therefore, MIFF’s expectation of the Danish government:
– That the reward system for convicted terrorists is condemned and that strong pressure is put on the PA to dismantle the reward system.
– Do not accept PA’s explanation that wages to prisoners are paid from a different budget than that which comes from international aid.
– Danish aid for other budget items in any case releases funds to reward terrorists. It is the reward system itself that the government must demand to be abolished.

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