• Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

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World Happiness Report is published with support from, among other things, the UN initiative for sustainable development solutions. According to the report, the countries are at the top of the list those best at “supporting well-being, including income, healthy lifestyle, social support, freedom, trust and generosity”.

By the latest study – read it here, published recently climbing Israel from a 14th place for 11th place in the list. Israel is just before Austria and right in front of Australia. Finland, Iceland and Denmark are located in Top, Sweden located on a 6th place and Norway in an 8th place.

The Palestinians are located on a 125th place on the list based on numbers from 2018-2020. It might be used by some as a means of condemning Israel: “Poor Palestinians, they have so little Happiness Due to Israeli wall, occupation, settlements, apartheid, discrimination, control posts, racism and so on. »

But when you see who is at 127th place and 132. Space disappears the arguments. The Palestinians are higher in the happiness index than the Arab and Muslim neighbor communities in Jordan and Egypt. Lebanon is located on a 123th place. Despite all one rightly and wrongs can criticize Israel to have inflicted on the Palestinians, they are in ranking of the Living Boiler (Human Development Index) and Levelangering on a par with their Arab brothers in the neighborhood.

Arabs in the area that have the very best are the Arabs who are nationals of Israel.

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