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Many of our readers have heard of and perhaps also read a debate post, “ Samuelsen is right – Israel is entitled to fair treatment ” in Jyllands Posten on 24 October. It is written by Tim Whyte, Secretary General, International Cooperation, and is marked by many undocumented, hate-promoting, stupefying allegations – so hateful that some can only be described as blood libel – and so many that it takes hours to refute.

What is blood libel? In short:
In classical anti-Semitism, Jews are accused of ritual human sacrifice and consuming the victim’s blood. The spread of these accusations over the last approximately 1000 years has led to many deadly riots against Jews – including systematic attempts at extermination. And that has meant that a great many people – even though they know nothing about history – have been pre-programmed to believe bad things they hear about Jews.

A large part of the struggle against the existence of Israel as the nation state of the Jews is waged by accusing Israel of acts that can be equated with ritual murder. The people who have been pre-programmed to believe bad things about Jews tend to believe that “it’s Israel’s fault – it’s all”. And then there is not much to conclude that Israel is a criminal state that has no right to exist at all.

Fortunately, there are many Israel friends who have joined the comment thread. MIFF Denmark can only recommend exploring the thread.

And finally read the post by Israel’s ambassador to Denmark, Benny Dagan, on October 29 “ Hamas exploits civilian population in Gaza – True human rights defenders like Ban Ki-Moon have long ago admitted that Israel is being treated unfairly in the UN Human Rights Council “.

But what I recommend most is a column by Dan Harder p</✓<<yå//<<< < Israel-Online on the 29th. October: “International Cooperation Against Israel – and the Truth”

Many of the posts I have mentioned focus – and not unreasonably! – on “what about the bad things the others do, why does Tim Whyte not mention these things”. What I have missed … and which Dan Harder gives … is a very accurate analysis of the causal relationships and contexts . Tim White’s claims about the causes of Gaza’s suffering are, to the best of my knowledge, completely insane. And context is obviously something he would rather hide – perhaps also from himself?

So if you only have time to read one response to the indictment …. here you have “International Cooperation against Israel – and the Truth”

“When it comes to human rights violations, all states should be criticized on exactly the same factual and sober parameters,” believes Tim Whyte, Secretary General of International Cooperation, in Jyllands-Posten, 24 October.

But he does not live up to his own noble goal.

Instead, he criticizes Israel on the basis of impropriety and propaganda, and primarily for things that are in fact the responsibility of the Palestinians.

It was the headline and the headline … the article fully documents Tim White’s unspeakability.

And then you get as a bonus:

The Secretaries-General of the Inter-People’s Alliance has a proud tradition of spreading lies about Israel. Read more ….

See also Jan Frost’s post of 21 April 2018 here on miff.dk “Does Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke also participate in support for Hamas?”

– I’m shocked at the one-sided information – and often outright misinformation – I get from an organization that collects over 60% of their revenue from public coffers.

It is time for Denmark to apply the new criteria for support to Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations to Danish NGOs, such as Inter-People’s Cooperation, which, under the guise of fighting for human rights, incites hatred.

Sources and Notes

Karin Weinholt’s article on Anti-Semitism in The Great Dane cannot be highly recommended, especially if you want a solid historical insight.

Also read Anti-Semitism: a working definition of the European Forum on Anti-Semitism in Berlin.

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