• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The US Government’s long – awaited peace plan does not require Israeli settlers to be evacuated from the West Bank. This is what the American Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, says.

-After seeing the experience of the evacuation of Gaza [summer 2005], I do not think it is realistic to demand that some – Jews or Arabs – are forced to leave their homes, the ambassador explains.

Friedman’s statement came during an interview with the settlement-friendly news website Israel National News. Friedman explains why it is not relevant for the Trump administration to demand that the settlements be removed.

-Because we think it’s the recipe for disaster. It almost caused a civil war in far less aggressive conditions in Gaza compared to what it is in Judea and Samaria, the ambassador said in the interview.

8,000 Israelis were forcibly evacuated from the Gaza Strip in 2005 following a decision by then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon . During an operation that lasted a few days, all Israelis were removed, but the decision created a major rift in Israel. Friedman calls it “an inhumane process” to remove settlers.

In the West Bank, about 350,000 Israelis live in settlements. In addition, hundreds of thousands live in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that the Palestinians also claim.

Here you can see the entire interview with the US Ambassador:


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