• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

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Syrian rocket exploded close to Israeli nuclear


Early this morning, rocket alarm sounded in northern negev, close Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona. Alarm Ble followed by an explosion that could be heard in large parts of the country, writes the newspaper Times of Israel.

It was a Syrian rocket fired from Syria who exploded close to the nuclear reactor, which is allegedly talking about a conscious attack against the nuclear plant, according to the Israeli defense. It is believed to be a Syrian air defense style on astray, which was fired against Israeli fighter aircraft during an air strike against the goal of the Golan heights.


– There was no intention to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona, says Hidai Zilberman, the Israeli defense spokesman.

Anyway, it is just a few days ago an Iranian newspaper associated with Iran’s top leader Ali Khameneii their leader oppat for attacks against the Israeli city Dimona.

According to Zilberman, it is a Russian-produced SA-5 rocket, a large projectile of several thousand kilograms and a warhead of 200 kilos.

There are no reports about the rocket must have inadmade damage. The rocket defense of Israel was assumed, but it is uncertain whether the shooting was successful. According to IDF, they continue to investigate the case.

It is not the first time Syrian air protection emissions come astray. In 2019, a Syrian rocket exploded in Cyprus and caused a big fire. In 2017, two rockets landed in eastern Israel, while a third rocket landed in Jordan.

The Israeli defense replied to the rocket attack with air attacks in Syria and bombed, among other things, the air value battery as fired rocket, in addition, another Syrian air value was also bombed. Four Syrian soldiers were injured.

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