• Mon. May 16th, 2022

At the time of writing, more than 4,200 Israelis are infected with Corona. At least 66 of them are in serious condition. 54 people are on a respirator. Like many other countries, Israel also fears a shortage of respirators because the number of infected people continues to rise.

As respirators are important in the treatment of seriously ill Corona patients, a group from the First Robotics League, the Microsoft Development Department of Israel, Ichilov Medical Center, Magen David Adom (Israel Ambulance Service) and a unit in the Israeli Air Force have merged to find an innovative solution to avoid the shortage of respirators in Israel and the rest of the world, writes the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli Air Force leads and organizes the project.

The idea was to create an “open source” respirator that can be mass-produced in laboratories at a low cost without the need for factories. Such a solution can lead to mass production of hundreds of automatic respirators daily.

-This is a product that uses a manual breathing balloon (revivator) and uses it smartly and automatically. The product is being developed as an “open source”, so all assembly instructions are available to anyone, in Israel and around the world, the developers said in a press release.

A simple respirator that helps patients breathe. That’s the idea behind the Israeli invention.

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