• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Since 2018, terrorists in the Gaza Strip have been sending firebombs and explosives across the border into Israel using drones, balloons and the like. It has caused thousands of fires in southern Israel. Explosives have also landed near kindergartens, residential areas and elsewhere. Now the Israeli police have developed a method to stop the airborne threats.

The new defense system, named: Light Blade, is a laser that stops balloons, drones and other threats. The technology is similar in many ways to the missile defense system Iron Dome which fires missiles. Light Blade is the first defense system of its kind in the world, writes Israel Hayom.

Since terrorists in Gaza began sending firebombs across the border into Israel, more than 40 square kilometers of forest and agricultural land have been burned.

The fires have caused damage worth many millions of kroner and caused great frustration among residents close to the Gaza border. Environmental experts say it will take at least 15 years to rehabilitate the vegetation and wildlife that have been destroyed.

This drone was shot down by the new laser system. (Photo: Screenshot from video)

Light Blade was developed by three civil engineers in collaboration with researchers at Ben-Gurion University and the technology departments of the Israeli police and defense. The project has taken about a year. The laser reportedly has the ability to attack targets at a distance of up to 2 kilometers both day and night.

When the system is locked on a target, it fires a unique laser beam at it. If the target is a balloon or a dragon, the system will burn it up. If the target is a drone, the laser burns parts of the drone so that it falls down.

-It is a safe and effective solution to the threat from drones and balloons, says Major General and project manager for Light Blade, Yaakov Shabtai.

The Gaza fire terror has caused enormous damage to vegetation and agricultural areas in Israel. (Photo: Fire Brigade)

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