• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

An RPG head mounted on balloons was found on Monday in an agricultural area of ​​the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The IDF arrived at the scene and carried out a controlled detonation.


In June, there were several cases of attacks with explosive balloons and burning balloons fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. The attacks were carried out by descendants of Nasser (Ahfad Al-Nasser), the balloon unit in the Gaza Strip who threatened Israel with several launches and warned that the coming days would be “the beginning of hell” for the Israelis living near the Gaza Strip. .


In recent months, the attacks have been more sporadic – this changed briefly during June, after which the number of balloon attacks fell again. At the end of April, there were also several attacks and before the most recent Knesset election in early March, there were threats of more attacks. Read MIFF’s article on balloon attacks against Israel in February 2020 here.

In recent years, countless fuel balloons and explosive balloons have been fired into Israel by terrorists from the Gaza Strip. On some balloons, toys were attached to entice Israeli children to touch them and be blown up. Other balloons have ignited large agricultural areas in Israel and caused great damage. Read MIFF’s article on this

Israel has previously retaliated against balloon terror from the Gaza Strip.

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