• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Netanyahu on latest terrorist attack: Israel wants to settle accounts


According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the best response to terrorism is to build even more in the West Bank. Benny Gantz, on the other hand, says that Israel should continue to build in the settlements that already exist, writes Times of Israel.

Netanyahu has visited the West Bank crime scene, where Dvir Sorek was assassinated. Netanyahu promised that Israel will find the perpetrators no matter who they are.

“Here we lost Dvir, who was a valuable member of the Sorek family. The family also lost Dvir’s grandfather a few years ago. We sympathize with them and send them warm thoughts here in the midst of their grief, “said Netanyahu, who is also defense minister.

Dp Sorek participated in a program combining religious studies with military service. Sorek was found murdered by stabbing near Migdal Oz early Thursday. 19-year-old Sorek was last seen on Wednesday on his way to Jerusalem to buy a gift for one of his teachers.

To begin with, it was believed that Sorek had been murdered during a kidnapping attempt. It was later determined that there was no attempted kidnapping before he was stabbed to death.

Instead, investigators believe the terrorists spotted Sorek on the road leading to Migdal Oz. They murdered him and left his body by the road.

“We can see the U-turn from the car after the killing,” Netanyahu said at the scene.

“Here is our response to the perpetrators: They come to destroy and we build. We should probably catch them and when we do, we have an account that needs to be settled. The investigation is progressing and is at its peak, “Netanyahu said.

Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party (Kahol Lavan), also visited the crime scene. Gantz is Netanyahu’s biggest political rival in the upcoming September election. “The IDF should probably catch them – dead or alive,” Gantz said

Gantz added: “Five years ago, not far from here, three young people were kidnapped and murdered.” Gantz was head of the IDF at the time and these killings led to the war in Gaza in 2014.

Gantz, whose center-right party is considered softer than Netanyahu’s Likud, reiterated Netanyahu’s promise to continue building in the largest settlements. “We will do that here in the Etzion area and in any other strategic area,” he said

So far, no Palestinian terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but both Hamas and Islamic Jihad have praised the killing of Sorek.

Authorities have launched a large-scale manhunt for the perpetrators and the army has sent several troops to the West Bank.

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