• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

On Thursday night, a religious school in the Israeli city of Sderot was hit by a rocket from Gaza. Many of the students had time off, but some were still at school when the attack happened. Three of them sat and studied Bible hymns when the rocket alarm sounded, writes Times of Israel.

A few seconds later, a rocket hit the wall right next to where the three students were sitting. Concrete and glass flew through the room. Fortunately, none of them were injured.

Eyewitnesses say that if the rocket had hit a few minutes earlier, the main hall would have been full of students – no doubt the attack would have had a different outcome.

– The rocket hit the wall, three meters from where I was sitting. If the rocket had hit half a meter further to the side, I do not think I would have talked to you now, says Shalom Kahlon, who was at the school when it was hit.

Khalon and the others who were nearby say they heard a loud bang when the school was hit, even though the rocket did not have a warhead. A rocket with a warhead had caused much greater destruction – and no doubt also death. Still, the rocket caused a large hole in the wall and shattered a series of hardened windows.

– It was a miracle. Just ten minutes earlier, 15 students prayed their evening prayer in this room, says school rabbi Shlomo Binyamin.

Right next to the school there is also a synagogue – It was full of people.

– We were reading in the Torah and suddenly we heard the siren. Just seconds later there was a loud bang which made everyone spread. It took a moment before we realized that everyone was alive, says Rabbi Moshe Zeev Pizem.

Sderot is located right on the border with Gaza and the city’s residents have 15 seconds or less to reach safety when the rocket alarm sounds. The city has been exposed to thousands of rocket attacks since the early 2000s. Gradually, most of the buildings in the city were built with reinforced concrete.

It is not known why the Iron Dome rocket defense did not stop the rocket.

Also earlier in the day on Thursday, a rocket was fired from Gaza against Israel, but it was stopped by the rocket defense. Tensions in the area have escalated sharply in recent days. In addition to the rocket attacks, many firebombs have also been sent across the border, starting dozens of fires in Israel.

Following the attack, Israel again responded by bombing several Hamas targets, but both politicians and others believe it is time for a major military operation against the terrorists in Gaza, including the targeted assassination of Hamas leaders.

Sderot’s Mayor Alon Davidi thinks that it’s time for a major military operation against Gaza after Thursday’s attack.

– We can not continue to have as it is now. As I have said before, only a military operation can bring peace to our region, says Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi.


The Times of Israel reports that the Israeli military (IDF) has responded to the rocket attack on the school in Sderot with several airstrikes in Gaza early Friday, just a few hours after the rocket hit the school.

The IDF states that it has hit several terrorist targets, including terrorist infrastructure and military settlements.

The IDF said they also hit a base that belonged to the Hamas terrorist group’s naval command unit.

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