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Alternativet. Billede er taget fra partiets Facebookside

The history of the alternative
In 2013, the then Minister of Culture, Uffe Elbæk, resigned from the Radical Left (RV). Elbæk co-founded Alternativet (ALT), of which he is now the leader. The party’s overall goal is to change the way our society works – for example by introducing citizen pay and a 4-day working week. The party also focuses on the environment, climate, sustainability and ecology.

On the party’s website, you can read the following in: “Another world, The alternative’s bid for a global change of course” (Pages 14-15):

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem has now lasted in more than 50 years. For many decades, the Palestinian people have been stateless, displaced, or have lived under occupation. It is unfair and constitutes a humanitarian as well as a political disaster. At the same time, it is a source of permanent instability.

The Palestinians, like everyone else, have the right to a life of freedom, dignity and national self-determination. Both peoples – Israelis and Palestinians – have the right to a life of security and freedom from war and conflict. There is no military solution to the conflict – only a political solution that can guarantee both people their rights. This cannot happen as long as one party keeps the other party occupied. A change in the status quo requires action now. And that requires us to show the courage to rethink our approach to conflict.

Of course, Denmark and the EU as a whole should immediately recognize Palestine as an independent state. But that is only the first step. Denmark, together with other progressive EU countries, must press for the creation of a new framework for a diplomatic process in which the rights of the peoples are placed at the center of the resolution of the conflict. It is a precondition for a political solution that all occupation and settlement stops, that the Palestinians achieve equal rights in practice, and that both parties stop the use of violent methods. Whether the solution will be one democratic state or two states living side by side is less relevant as long as all citizens – Israelis and Palestinians, including refugees – have their rights and right to national self-determination fulfilled.

The alternative is not reluctant to support a one-state solution if the idea gains even more momentum among the parties. Recognition of Palestine in the context of a two-state solution does not mean that we cannot also expand the range of political solutions at the same time. The basic essence is that at all stages of resolving this conflict, we must do everything we can to support the Palestinians in their right to national self-determination on an equal footing with the Israelis.

At the same time, we need to use more tools from the diplomatic toolbox to put pressure on Israel as an occupying power. Good diplomatic relations require good behavior. Therefore, the EU must terminate its entire beneficial trade agreement with Israel, as long as Israel maintains its occupation of Palestine and commits systematic violations of international law. Denmark and the EU must simultaneously settle all economic engagement with Israeli actors and entities in occupied territory, especially settlements. From a Danish and European point of view, we must not be actively involved in maintaining the Israeli occupation and the expansion of the illegal settlements. Occupying powers should not be rewarded with special access to European markets. Just as the import of settlement goods to Denmark and the EU must be completely banned. ”

EVERYTHING does not include the historical facts in its program
EVERYTHING claims that the Palestinian people have lived under occupation for “many decades”. But, it gives a completely wrong picture. After more than 50 years of Israeli occupation, the Arab-Palestinian people are closer than ever to having their own state. Jews and Arabs in the area have been occupied for centuries by the English, Turks and others.

EVERYTHING wraps one-sided criticism and boycott into “beautiful” intentions
The party uses subtle terms in their one-sided criticism of Israel. But, when reading between the lines, the message is the same, as for example with the Unity List (EL) and the Socialist People’s Party (SF).

Like the Unity List (EL) and the Socialist People’s Party (SF), which we have previously written about, EVERYTHING also believes that peace can only be achieved by stopping the “occupation” and “settlements”, by recognizing a Palestinian state and by boycotting Israel.

The party recognizes on the one hand that the conflict consists of two parties:
“… both parties stop using violent methods.”

On the other hand, the party also believes that: “Of course, Denmark and a united EU should immediately recognize Palestine as an independent state.” The party supports both a one-state solution and a two-state solution: “as long as all citizens – Israelis and Palestinians, including refugees – have their rights and right to national self-determination fulfilled.”

The party does not believe that current international a law stipulating that there must be a peace agreement between Israel and a recognized Palestinian leader before a Palestinian state is recognized. This means in parksis that Israel does not get a guarantee of security and the Palestinians get a state without demands for peaceful coexistence with Israel. Therefore, it sounds both hollow and nonsensical when the party simultaneously claims that the rights of Israelis and the right to national self-determination must also be respected.

How has EVERYTHING thought that the rights of Israelis can be enforced when there are no international requirements that the condition of recognizing a Palestinian state is a guarantee that Israel’s right to exist cannot be discussed?

The party also believes that the rights of refugees and national self-determination must be fulfilled. It is not specified which refugees are involved, but we must assume that Palestinian refugees are meant. We have previously written about the Palestinians’ demand for a return to present-day Israel. We will discuss the issue in more detail in the coming sections.

EVERYTHING uses social media for one-sided criticism of Israel
We have written several articles about the unrest in Gaza. Below are two tweets that the party wrote in May 2018. The first tweet is written by the party’s former political leader, Leila Stockmarr. The second tweet is written by the party after they together with EL and SF had convened Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen in consultation on the Gaza unrest (see also article in Berlingske Tidende on convening the Foreign Minister in consultation).


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MIFF has written several articles on the often one-sided and inadequate coverage of the Gaza unrest.

In May 2018, we wrote, among other things, that Hamas is controlling the riots and trying to use them to infiltrate Israel, where they can attack the Israeli army and Israeli civilians. Hamas thus poses a security threat to Israel, which the country is trying to defend itself against.

It is well documented that Hamas, for example, has paid children to be injured during the unrest along the border with Israel. In other words, Hamas is exploiting the Palestinian people in its fight against Israel without moral scruples.

Hamas, on the other hand, claims that they are holding peaceful demonstrations and that they demand compliance with the UN General Assembly’s non-binding resolution no. 194 §11 from 1948.The resolution provided that Palestinians who had fled the country in connection with the establishment of Israel in 1948 could return provided they wanted to live in peace with their Israeli neighbors. At the time, the resolution was rejected by the Arab countries and there is no indication that the Palestinians are interested in living in peace with their Israeli neighbors. In addition, today’s Palestinians are being held in a role of victim because the UN system continues to define them as refugees.

Today there are about 6 million Palestinians and it is not realistic that they can return to present-day Israel, whose area is the size of Jutland. After almost 71 years of refugee status, it is time for the UN to help the Palestinians find a sensible and lasting solution that does not endanger Israel’s security and existence.

EVERYTHING tells only half the story
Stockmarr claims that Israel has lost its moral compass. As an expert in the Middle East, she should know that even a flat pancake has two sides – the same goes for the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians to a very high degree.

Stockmarr criticizes Israel, but does not mention that Hamas transcends all moral considerations in their fight against Israel. Hamas does not give weight to human life – on the contrary, their goal of annihilating Israel serves all means. That is why Hamas uses adults and children as shields at the border with Israel – something that gives “good pictures” in the press and makes the Israeli army appear in a bad light. In this way, Hamas manages to divert the attention of the international community from its terrorist and anti-Israeli activities, which pose a real threat to Israel’s security. One among many examples of Hamas ‘strategy was our article from May 2018, in which we told about Hamas’ official, Salah Bardaweel, who boasted that 50 of the 62 martyrs from the May 14-15 riots were members of Hamas.

Hamas does not hide cynical strategy
ALT, EL and SF convened the Foreign Minister in consultation on “Israel’s massacre of civilians” although the evidence for Hamas’ management of the unrest is overwhelming and Hamas themselves do not hide their fighting strategy. It is thought-provoking that three political parties, which have every opportunity to fact-check, do not do so until they convene a consultation.

In the same tweet, ALT also writes that: “If another country shot over 1000 civilians + killed 58 in one day, we would protest loudly.” Again, the claim does not agree with the facts. As mentioned earlier, Hamas does not hide its strategy of paying civilians – including children – to go to the border with Israel, knowing that it is endangering civilian lives.

Factual criticism is always welcome
Of course, Israel must be criticized if there is a reasonable reason for it. But, that’s not the case here. The fact that ALT, EL and SF jump on the bandwagon, along with other anti-Israel voices does not change the facts. It seems like frivolous political work that the parties do not understand what has actually happened during the unrest on the border between Gaza and Israel before setting in motion the political apparatus. Perhaps the parties’ conduct is due to a subjective attitude towards Israel rather than factual arguments based on facts?

EVERYTHING stands out with its internal root
The party has had several practice cases to contend with. The case of Mohammad Sabah Ahmad, who in 2016 was the party’s parliamentary candidate in East Jutland, is just one example of an exercise case.

In 2016, Berlingske Tidende wrote about Ahmad after he was in and out of the party.

Ahmad has a motley past behind him. For example, he has lodged a bomb threat against his former university, he has compared Israel to Hitler and been a spokesman for the Grimhøj mosque for three days.

is better for society than infidelity or polygamy. He also wrote that “Denmark, the West, the United States and all the silent voices in these countries are as much terrorists as Hamas is.”

Rasmus Nordquist told Berlingske Tidende that the party is in favor of build a bridge and inclusion of the Muslim minority in Denmark.

Ahmad later saidgt that he has put his previous positions behind him and received death threats.

TV2 East Jutland wrote in 2016 that Ahmad was disqualified as a candidate for the general election due to a procedural error – but not because of his past or statements.

Page Comment for Our Readers – About Conference of Palestinians in Europe
As many of you probably know – held Palestinians in Europe, conference in Brøndby Hallen last Saturday. The organizer of the conference is working to remove Israel and considers the right of the Palestinians to return to present-day Israel to be sacred.

Mogens Lykketoft from the Social Democrats (S), Pernille Skipper from the Unity List (EL) and Caroline Magdalene Maier participated in the conference. (EVERYTHING).

You can read previous articles about the conference here:
* Why are three MFs speaking at a conference whose agenda is to remove Israel?
* Send your protest to the Social Democrats against Lykketoft’s participation in an anti-Israel conference!
* No applause for Lykketoft when he gave support to Israel’s right to exist
* Mr. Mogens Lykketoft’s participation in the Conference of Palestinians in Europe (Olg Groth-Andersen)
* Dear Unity List – Do you support the abolition of the state of Israel? (Henrik Chievitz – Chairman of the Joint Committee for Israel; Ella Chievitz – Board Member of the Danish Israeli Association – DIF Aarhus)

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