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The encouraging, the life-affirming, the just, and the evil


News from Israel 41

In this issue (December 13-17, 2018)


  • Europeans study entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel.
  • Israel’s economy is booming.

The life-affirming

  • Ish-Ran loses her son and says, “I want to bring many more babies into the world!”
  • Israel saves the life of Palestinian baby Musa.
  • Hope is bubbling in Joseph’s wine for his father Jacob.

The fair

  • The Barkan terrorist shot during a raid in Nablus.


  • Photographer praises terrorist who killed Jewish baby.
  • IDF soldier wounded in stone throwing near Beit El.
  • 2 policemen wounded in knife attack in Jerusalem.
  • 2 Israelis killed and 2 wounded in car attacks.
  • Vandals desecrate memorial walls for victims in synagogues.

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News from Israel 41


Uffe Nissen has for many years followed and shared current information about Israel – including collections of articles in Danish. We receive Uffe Nissen’s material via a newsletter, which is unfortunately closed for further subscriptions. So now we have Uffe as a contributor on MIFF.DK. The form will probably evolve over time, but we hope that the current form – with an entire collection of articles in a PDF – is useful to our readers. The articles are direct translations, mostly from United with Israel and World Israel News .

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