• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The goal of the demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel border fence

The Ritzau article “Palestinian massacre on a holiday in Israel” (Zealand: The World – May 15) was surprisingly informative and balanced. There is just something very, very important missing about the background to the May 14 demonstrations: It is not just about protesting the existence of Israel and the US moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is in fact a continuation of the series of demonstrations held every Friday since March 30 [2018] – “Great March of Return”.

The aim of the demonstrations is to pave the way for Israel to be flooded with Palestinians from all over the world, but primarily from Gaza and the West Bank. The campaign’s top leader, Isam Hammad, says it simply demands that UN General Assembly Resolution 194 §11 be complied with. However, he does not mention that the resolution only mentions a right to return to what became the state of Israel, if one wants to live in peace with the neighbors. And unfortunately, there is not much to suggest that Palestinians outside Israel want to live in peace with their neighbors if they move there. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that Isam Hammad is unhappy that Hamas operatives have turned what might have been peaceful demonstrations into acts of war that cynically exploit civilians. In short:

As a rule, Hamas members must stay away from the fence and stay alive, while supplying protesters without formal Hamas membership with i.a. knives, scissors, petrol bottles, Molotov cocktails and burning kites for use in direct attacks on and over the fence. Hamas also makes sure there is plenty of burning car tires, which creates a thick black smoke veil. It is the job of Hamas members to penetrate across the border through a hole in the fence or through an attack tunnel whose entrance is obscured by the smokescreen. The organizers of the demonstrations have released maps showing the shortest route into Israel. Then civilians from Gaza, if they wish, can work with Hamas operatives and slaughtered Israeli civilians. When Israeli soldiers use lethal force, it is to prevent dozens or hundreds of armed, agitated assassins from flowing into Israel.

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