• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
News from Israel (33)

In this issue (October 15-22, 2018)

The Good

  • Israeli midwife builds birth center in Uganda
  • Israel opens new embassy in Rwanda


  • Self-government arrests Americans for help with house sales
  • Lebanese beauty queen deprived of her title
  • Vandalism at a memorial to the fallen of Israel in 1948
  • BBC News does not cover deadly terror in Israel
  • University for BDS student: We do not want you here!

The Cruel

  • Secretary of Defense Liberman: Israel is on the verge of war

Some victories

  • Venezuela’s support for Hezbollah has been revealed
  • Turkish police stop attack on Israeli embassy
  • Terrorist killed during knife attack in Samaria
  • 15 terrorists arrested in Judea and Samaria

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News from Israel 33


Uffe Nissen has for many years followed and shared current information about Israel – including collections of articles in Danish. We receive Uffe Nissen’s material via a newsletter, which is unfortunately closed for further subscriptions. So now we have Uffe as a contributor on MIFF.DK. The form will evolve over time, but we hope that the current form – with an entire collection of articles in a PDF – will still be useful to our readers. The articles are direct translations, mostly from United with Israel and World Israel News .

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