• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The Icelanders turned their backs on the haters and doubled the MIFF membership


The Icelandic band Hatari (Haderne) ended their contribution to Eurovision by breaking the competition rules. The rules clearly state that Eurovision is a “non-political event”, and all countries are responsible for ensuring that Eurovision is “under no circumstances politicized and / or instrumentalised”. The Icelandic delegation should have ensured that “no organization, institution, political cause or other matter, company, brand, product or service is promoted”. The rules state: “No texts, speeches, acts of a political, commercial or similar nature are permitted under Eurovision.”

It was too difficult for the haters to understand and obviously also too difficult for the head of delegation for Ríkisútvarpet (RÚV), Iceland’s counterpart to DR. The band members waved the Palestine banner as they received their points from the audience.

Fortunately, MIFF started its work on the website and Facebook page in Iceland in March. Today, one of MIFF’s leaders in Iceland, Ívar Jóhann Halldórsson, sent a protest against RÚV, which will be published in Iceland’s largest online newspaper.

-Despite my warnings, RÚV chose to send the political music bomb, Hatari to Israel, writes Halldórsson. According to the rules, political abuse of Eurovision can lead to disqualification. Over 23,000 signatures have already been collected in an international campaign to disqualify Iceland for their violation.

It is not only Halldórsson who reacts. Over the last 24 hours, MIFF’s membership on Saga Island has doubled. MIFF has thus gained a larger share of Iceland’s population in just two months than we have received in relation to the population in Denmark after one year.

Israel’s hatred is the same in Iceland, Denmark and Norway. We urge you to protest against all those who want to destroy the world’s only Jewish state and join MIFF now!

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