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A Polish woman found dead in London. In the background, a process with millions with the family of the deceased partner


46-year-old Polish woman was found dead on March 11 at her home in Clapham in the southern part of London.
Policemen entered her apartment after they were notified by concerned neighbors.

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After the death of her partner, a 46-year-old Polish woman obtained nearly 4 million pounds

As the British media report, application/' target='_blank'>application-itself-is-not-enough/' target='_blank'>the death of a woman was treated as “unexpected”, but it was not established that someone was suspected in this matter.
There are numerous speculations of the British media, whether the event was not related to the battle of Danny Trell – a deceased partner of a woman, which has been ongoing since 2019.
After his death, almost 4 million pounds just went to a 46-year-old Polish woman.

The man worked at the Goldman Sachs bank, where he was to earn about 18 million pounds.
The 55 -year -old died in 2019 after many years of fighting neurological disease – he tells the Daily Mail.
The Polish woman was then to get over 1 million pounds inheritance from a man, as well as shares in his apartment in Clapham.

When the Truella family obtained insight into the finances of the deceased, it turned out that the amount obtained by the woman was much greater.
In 2013-2018 he transferred to the account of the Southwark Rooms night club, which belonged to a woman, about 1.34 million pounds.
Another 915 thousand
He donated pounds to her personal account, while the £ 1.3 million was to be issued by a Polish debit card.
At that time, the man’s family began to demand a refund from the Polish woman – informs “Daily Mail”.

put over 600 thousand in PPK.
How much to earn to have such a result?

The family of the deceased Danny Truella accused the Polish woman that she used her partner

According to the representative of the brother of the deceased man, Edward Hicks, the 55-year-old led “two separate life-one with his family and one with a 46-year-old”.
According to him, the woman was to be in relationships with other people, during a ongoing relationship with Truell.

46-year-old began with a 55-year-old in 2004.
In 2016, the couple moved to the apartment in Clapham.
The brother of the deceased Edi Truel believed that the Polish woman had a “wrong influence on her brother.
He also called her a “girl on the phone” and thought she was not in a real relationship with his brother, so the will should be repealed.
He also claimed that her nightclub was “a cover to extort money from a multimillionaire.”
The 46 -year -old denied these reports and claimed that she was in a serious relationship with Danny Trell, which was also noted by the lawyer of the woman Amit Karia, emphasizing that in the will the deceased described her as a “close partner” – says Daily Mail.

The matter regarding the property that the 46-year-old received was to be resolved next year.
It is not known what impact application/' target='_blank'>application-itself-is-not-enough/' target='_blank'>the death of a woman will have on the pending case.
Probably two Polish children can receive a fortune after a deceased mother.

The Polish woman escaped from the hospital in Amsterdam.
Was found dead

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