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A row at a meeting with Tusk. “You will tell you once again, then please get out of the room”


On Friday Donald Tusk visited Bytom.
This is the beginning of the Civic Platform campaign “Here is the future”, in which the politicians of the groups meet with the inhabitants of the cities of the Śląskie Voivodeship.


During his speech in one of the sports halls, the PO chairman reminded that during eight years of platform rule five mines were closed, and since PiS took power in 2015, seven mines were closed and 14 are in liquidation.
After this information, one of the participants of the meeting began to shout incomprehensible words towards Tusk – says interia.

– I am invited to a meeting with you here.
If you shout like that, you make a thousand people to meet a thousand people.
You can scream at me, but please respect those thousand people who did not come to shout at yourself, but talk – appealed to the head of the PO, whom the portal quotes.

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Tusk sharply about Kaczyński: I’m going to me!

Later in the meeting, another person from the audience began to disrupt Tusk’s speech, shouting “close”.
– A friend in a hat, I am asking you, I already said that everyone who comes to us, if we need time, will get a chance to ask a question – a politician answered the man.

This, however, still shouted “close” towards the leader of the PO.

-You will tell me “close yourself” once again, I will ask you to get out of the room.
I am here that nobody in Poland would say “shut up”.
Neither the Lord nor those who organized today dozens of people who were to disturb, neither Kaczyński nor Ziobro with their prosecutor’s office will close me in a literal sense and will not close my lips.
Nobody will close my mouth – said Tusk.

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Donald Tusk in Bytom.
“Lobuzie you!”
Replied with an invitation

Earlier Donald Tusk appeared at a press conference organized at one of the streets together with Mariusz Wołosz, the president of the city.
The PO leader spoke in Bytom, among others, about subsidies for local governments for real estate repairs.

– We will offer 10 billion for Polish municipalities for repairs of apartments.
You have to give a chance to Polish municipalities and cities for the revitalization of tenement houses and large -scale repairs – said Tusk.
The former prime minister also argued that Silesia could “become the center of the modern energy industry”.

Donald Tusk in Bytomi called a bump.
“I invite you to an open meeting”

After Tusk’s speech, the time for journalists’ questions came.
One of them concerned the presence of representatives of local governments on electoral lists in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

– I don’t need to convince me.
Any efficient, decent local government who wants to support and help us, also in the campaign, will be welcome – said Tusk.

At the moment on the street behind Tusk there was a horn, and then the driver of the silver car shouted through the open glass “Lobuzie you!” .
– Good morning, I invite you to an open meeting – Tusk answered it

Later the PO leader continued: – Among other things, your resident from Gliwice, Senator Frankiewicz, is my partner and it was no accident that I asked him to take care of the creation of a Senate pact.
We will cooperate with local government officials with absolute conviction.

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