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A spectacular strike of Ukrainians. They destroyed the Russian base 100 km behind the front line

Mar 19, 2023 , ,

The Ukrainian army probably conducted a rocket hit almost 100 km deep into Russian defense, destroying the Russian base along with the equipment and staff – said a representative of Ukraine in the Serhij Khlan Council of the Chero District, which is quoted by Euromaidan Press.


Village of Nowotrojićke, where the rockets fell, it is not far from the city of Genzec in the Kersonian region.
Since February last year, the town has been occupied by the Russians.
According to Serhija Khlana, 90 Russians died in the attack.

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Bold decision of the government!
Duda: We send MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine

so far there is no confirmation of this operation on video recordings, and there are no photos.
However, if this is true, it would be the first Ukrainian attack carried out so far behind the front line – notes Euromaidan Press.

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“White wolves” destroyed 11 goals, including 10 tanks

In addition, the Ukrainian special unit “White Wolves” destroyed as many as 11 goals, of which 10 were tanks.

“nine or ten? Ten. So many Russian tanks destroyed the special forces of SBU ‘White Wolves’ only one night” – wrote the Security Service of Ukraine on Twitter.
In addition, the enemy armored personnel carrier was destroyed.

impressive action of Ukrainians.
“White Wolves” destroyed 10 tanks

Russia has already lost over a thousand tanks

Russia lost at least half of the fleet of 3,000.
Tanks she sent to Ukraine -CNN television informed at the beginning of February, referring to the Oryx, a group dealing with white intelligence.
At that time, 1,000 were identified.
damaged tanks.
Another 544 were taken over by Ukrainians.

One of the Oryx analysts points out, however, that although the group managed to confirm 1 thousand.
Destroyed machines, in fact, their number could reach up to 2,000.

Media: Putin in Ukrainian Mariupol.
Visited the theater, where the Russians made the massacre

War in Ukraine – situation on the front

Despite significant losses, the Russians continue attempting to break the Ukrainian defense in the Donetsk and Lugansk circuits.
The General Staff of Ukraine informs that the hardest fights are taking place in the Łymańska, Bachmut, Awdijiwka, Marinki and Shakhtar.
During the past day, the defenders replied 83 attacks in this front area.
The center of the fight remains Bachmut.

On the last day the Russian army conducted intensive fire of housing estates and civil infrastructure.
They carried out 16 air bombings, 99 blade of rocket artillery and 11 strokes using directed rockets.
4 rockets fell on Zaporozhye, destroying urban infrastructure facilities.

At that time, Ukrainian aviation bombed 10 groups of Russian soldiers and equipment, and artillery hit seven regions of the concentration of enemy forces.

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