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About 1.5 thousand people on the march in defense of John Paul II. “I know from ‘news’ that the pope is missed”


On Saturday, March 18, the streets of Nowy Targ passed the march in defense of John Paul II.
Its organizers were the Sanctuary of Saint John Paul II in Nowy Targ, the Nowy Targ Poviat Council and the Main Board of the Podhale Association in Poland
John Paul II.


-We do not agree to slander our holy patron.
We do not agree to the deceptive memory of John Paul II, a bad media discourse, offensive and aggression -full comments posted on the Internet about his person – explained the Polish President of the Podhale Association in Poland Julian Kowalczyk.
Onet journalists also appeared on the spot.
As we read, according to police estimates, about one and a half thousand people took part in the event.

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Paweł Kowal: “You want to enroll John Paul II to PiS”.
Terlecki replied: “Shame, Mr. Kowal”

Nowy Targ.
He went through the streets in defense of John Paul II.
“I haven’t watched these unhands”

As we read, the manifestation was led by highlanders, followed by Nowy Targ priests, activists of the Main Board of the Podhale Union, local government officials, deputy ministers Andrzej Gut -Mostowy and Edward Siarka from the United Right, and finally the inhabitants of Podhale – mainly seniors.
Participants refused the rosary.

-We pray for remasses for journalists of leftist and liberal media, who trail the good name of our beloved Holy Father, Pope of the Polish, Saint.
John Paul II.
He is accused of terrible things, and we know that he was flawlessly clean.
This is what we want to pass on to the world – said priest Jan Karlak, pastor of the parish.
John Paul II in Nowy Targ.

The gathered explained to Onet that they decided to take part in the demonstration, because “they could not remain silent any longer, looking at what he does with our country and our national holiness this bandit Tusk” explained that they love that they love John Paul
II and “thanks to it Poland is free today”, and also regretted “spitting on Catholics” and the fact that “now people are too good”.

The portal points out that “almost all” participants who agreed to talk to him, admitted that they did not watch TVN24 reportage.
-I am from the village of Nowy Targ and I did not watch these without anyings and lampoon.
I didn’t read anything about it either.
I know from “News” that the pope is missed, and he was holy.
My local priest also talked about the same.
Hence, I felt the need for presence in this place – admitted one of the participants of the assembly.

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Greens in Łódź want to change the name of the street which is patronized by John Paul II.
What else do they demand?

TVN24 “Franciszkańska 3”


March in defense of the good name of the Polish Pope is the answer, among others, to the report “Franciszkańska 3”, which was broadcast on TVN24 on March 6, as well as the book “Maxima Culpa. John Paul II knew” by Ekke Overbeek
Marcin Gutowski talked to the victims of pedophile priests, and also presented documents from the archives of the Institute of National Remembrance.
The evidence is to indicate that in 1964-78 the Cracow metropolitan Cardinal Karol Wojtyła was covering up the pedophilia of his subordinate priests.

already 176 complaints to KRRiT at “Franciszkańska 3”

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