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Andrzej Duda will take an international position after the presidency? “I want to become a special envoy”


At the beginning of 2021, PiS member Krzysztof Szczerski became the head of the International Policy Office at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.
According to the weekly, it was supposed to be the first step to create a structure that would allow Andrzej Duda to obtain an international position, after the end of his next term – says “Gazeta Wyborcza”.
In June of the same year, Szczerski became a regular representative of the Republic of Poland at the UN in New York.
Can the president count on an international position thanks to this?

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After the end of the term, President Andrzej Duda may apply for an international position

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Duda cannot count on a higher position due to the term of office and many willing.
However, according to unofficial information, the president’s ambitions mainly concern the UN.
According to Onet, this can be this organization, because the NATO function is much more difficult to implement.

He has a suitable position for him, according to “GW”, to find Szczerski.
The status of the so -called
A special envoy, who is responsible for the conflict regions of the world, is to be one of the president’s goals.
The Duda administration must, however, take into account that Russia will not support the Polish candidate for the function of UN.
It must therefore aim at functions that are not dependent on Moscow.
The policy towards China is also important – it is currently neutral.
Let us remember that China is a member of the Security Council and their voice can destroy the plans of the Polish president.

One of the interlocutors “GW” revealed that good cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation with the Americans is also of great importance for the Polish leader.
– The decision on its possible function at the UN will be made during the next US administration.
Nevertheless, Duda’s policy and his relations with America and the strong position of Szczerski give him a strong basis for the necessary US support in 2025, when he ends his term – he quotes the interlocutor “GW”.

The entire article “Plan Duda: Let Szczerski look around
in the UN and will find a position, well -paid and relatively prestigious “to read on Wyborcza.pl and in” Large Format “.

Duda: We want the Grot to be a dominant weapon in the Polish army

Andrzej Duda sought to improve relationships with the European Union

In February 2022 Andrzej Duda submitted his draft amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court Disciplinary Chamber was then liquidated, which was to unlock the financial resources from the national reconstruction plan.
Earlier, Duda also took part in a meeting with the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.
He also tried to influence the PiS agreement with the European Union.
However, Andrzej Duda’s actions turned out to be ineffective, because the money from the Union was still blocked.

Still, the Presidential Palace presented himself as an open to dialogue with Western partners, with the most important relationship with the United States.
The president then became a partner for talking to American diplomacy.
Duda also vetoed the “Lex TVN” act, which was to improve his relationship with the Biden administration.

The end of the presidency will also be decisive.
Andrzej Duda was charged with breaking the constitution, as well as signing laws undermining the rule of law.
This may make it difficult for him to fight for international positions.

President Andrzej Duda signed the windmill act

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