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Another prime minister, and basically the premiere, wants to return to national politics. Szydło like Tusk


Almost two years ago Donald Tusk returned to national politics and began to prepare the ground for autumn parliamentary elections in 2023.
The former prime minister fulfilled politically outside Poland in the structures of the European Union for seven years.


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Szydło: This is not the time to talk about these proposals for the next elections

is not the only head of government who can return to Polish politics in autumn.
After three years in the European Parliament, the Polish Prime Minister in 2015-2017 Beata Szydło is to plan to take part in the Sejm elections.

Beata Szydło wants to return to national politics and is not the only one

about the fact that Beata Szydło is to plan to start in the elections to the Sejm, unofficially found out RMF FM reporter Roch Kowalski.
In addition to her, Joachim Brudzinski and Elżbieta Rafalska and other allies of the former premiere would also fight for a mandate in the Sejm.
In PiS, they are maliciously called a “tapir gang” – informs the radio station.

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According to RMF FM information, MEPs even in unofficial conversations avoid final declarations.
Everyone, however, with one voice admits that the final decision belongs to the party and where their “Nowogrodzka will send, he will fight there.”

Beata Szydło asked the journalist I.pl, Lidia Lemaniak in an interview of March 18, 2023.

At the moment I work in the European Parliament and I focus on this, just like all my colleagues who are MEPs.
Nevertheless, we support and we will continue to support the PiS election campaign

– she answered the former premiere.

Szydło wants to become the president of Poland?
“The politician plans, God laughs”

Beata Szydło participates in the PiS campaign

Despite the evasive answers and declarations of the former premiere that she is concentrated with the European Parliament, it appeared on March 10 in Nowogrodzka, when PiS announced a detour around Poland.
Law and Justice at the time showed a new spot in which Beata Szydło, Mateusz Morawiecki, Jarosław Kaczyński and Mariusz Błaszczak performed.
The former premiere has already started Poland and leads meetings with voters.

PiS wants to repeat history.
Even the password is the same

It is difficult to expect in this case that Szydło will not be on the PiS election lists.
These will appear in 2-3 months.
For now, however, we do not have official confirmation.
It is only known that PO leaders and PiS, i.e. Donald Tusk and Jarosław Kaczyński, will start in Warsaw.

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