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Arrest warrant of Vladimir Putin. Is Scholz’s reaction


According to US President Joe Biden, an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (MTK) in connection with the kidnapping of Ukrainian children to Russia during the war in Ukraine “is justified”.
And the President of Ukraine Wołodymyr Zelanski spoke about “historical decision”.


MTK in The Hague announced his decision on Friday.
On the same allegation, an arrest warrant was also issued against the representative of the President of Russia for Children’s Rights Maria Aleksiejewna Lwowska-Biełowa.

there are “reasonable basics” to think that Putin is “personally responsible” for “unlawful deportation” of Ukrainian children in Russia, which should be qualified as a war crime – said MTK.
The chairman of the Tribunal Piotr Hofmański emphasized that the use of both arrest orders depends on “international cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation”.

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“where we have to go, God …”.
Ukrainians leave their homes [Source: Deutsche Welle]

According to the Ukrainian government, until February this year from Ukraine to Russia or to areas controlled by Russia, over 16,000 were abducted.
However, these are only confirmed cases, kidnapped children can be many times more.

MTK initiated an investigation just after the start of Russian aggression to Ukraine on February 24, 2022.
The prosecutor of the Criminal Tribunal Karim Khan was three times in Ukraine, including in the Kiev region, where a series of crimes in Bucza took place.

Zelanski: Historical responsibility

The arrest of the President of Russia is the first order of this type in the face of the incumbent head of the state belonging to the UN Security Council.

President Biden told journalists in Washington that MTK move is a “very clear signal.”
According to President Zelanski, this is “a historical decision from which historical responsibility will grow.”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz reacted positively to the MTK decision.
“Nobody stands above the law,” Scholz said on Saturday during a visit to Tokyo.
The International Criminal Tribunal is “an important institution that has received its mandate under international treaties,” the German social democrat pointed out.

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The arrest warrant against Putin was accepted by the head of EU foreign affairs Josep Borell, saying that this is “the beginning of pulling responsibility”.

German Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) wrote on Twitter that Putin’s arrest warrant for war crimes is “an important signal of determination.”
“Anyone who, like Putin, jumped to a bloody war, should answer for it in court,” said Buschmann.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andrij Kostin said the online media: “The world received a signal that the Russian regime is criminal, and its management and supporters will be held responsible.”

while Moscow called the arrest warrant “invalid” and “devoid of meaning”.
– Russia, like a number of other countries, does not recognize the jurisdiction of this tribunal, which is why its decisions are invalid from a legal point of view – said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskow.

According to the Russian State Information Agency Ria Novosti, President Putin’s plenipotentiary for children’s rights Maria Lwowska-Biełowa said: “There were sanctions against me from all countries, even from Japan, and now an arrest warrant.”
And she added: “But we will continue our work.”

limiting the possibility of traveling Putin

Independent Russian media comment that the arrest warrant may limit the possibilities of traveling the President of Russia.
120 countries, including Russian ally, recognized the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and ratified the appropriate statute.

UE: how to combine green order, competition with China and free market

The United Nations has so far avoided a direct response to the MTK decision.
The UN spokesperson only said that despite this decision Putin is not persona non grata for the head of the UN António Guterres.
“The Secretary General will always talk to anyone to talk to” – emphasized the spokesman.
It is doubtful, however, whether the Russian president could fly to possible peace talks conducted by the UN, e.g. in Geneva, if only because Switzerland is a member of the International Criminal Court.

Ukraine did not ratify the Roman statute of the International Criminal Court.
Nevertheless, this country has been recognizing the jurisdiction of judges in matters of war crimes since 2014.


The article comes from the Deutsche Welle website.

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