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Arrest warrant of Vladimir Putin. The chances of making a dictator in court are slim

Mar 17, 2023 ,

Professionals dealing with international law from the beginning of the full -scale Russian aggression to Ukraine express skepticism in the case of the conviction of Vladimir Putin for war crimes.
Already in March last year in news.infinitum.Tech we talked about this issue with Anna Adamska-Gallant, a former international judge, who ruled, among others
in matters of war crimes in Kosovo.


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Is it possible to judge Vladimir Putin?

– The President of Russia will be, above all, it is difficult to bring in court.
The International Criminal Tribunal does not recognize matters in absentia.
The accused must actually be in court, because even an accused like Putin has the right to defend.
However, the easiest way for him to avoid criminal liability would be simply not to come from Russia – said the lawyer, emphasizing that Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Will Putin answer in The Hague for the war?
“Evidence of war crimes is”

– Since Russia does not recognize the Tribunal, he probably won’t give him Putin.
However, one can imagine such a situation that under the influence of international pressure and sanctions Putin, however, will be issued.
Throwed to the knees and put under the wall Russia can do that.
Such a case took place in Serbia, where the Slobodana Milošević accused of crimes committed in former Yugoslavia was issued.
The second option is to stop Putin when he travels outside Russia – she said.

asked about the hypothetical situation in which Putin is issued by his own government, Adamska-Gallant explained that “for the most serious war crimes there is a 30-year imprisonment or imprisonment/' target='_blank'>life imprisonment.”
– These are maximum penalties provided for in the Roman statute.
The International Criminal Court also has no prison.
For example, convicted in trials regarding the crimes committed during the wars in former Yugoslavia are punishable by imprisonment in the countries that have agreed to this.
To this end, an agreement is signed between the Tribunal and a specific state.
Then the convicted person undergoes a penalty in the conditions that the state provides.
After the war in Yugoslavia, criminals went mainly to Scandinavia, but several were also imprisoned in Poland.
I imagine that Putin would be punished in Western European countries in the event of a conviction.
It is rather difficult to expect that he would go to prison in Russia or Ukraine – she said.

“We did not have the head of a state convicted by an international court”

Arnesa Buljušić-Kustura, a researcher of war crimes and survived from war and genocide in Bosnia, in turn pointed out at the news
“Even in the case of Slobodan Milošević, there were a lot of problems with his process and in the end he died before its completion,” she said.

Joanna Połatyńska, Vice -dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz, to the question of whether Putin could go to prison, she answered on the Money.pl portal: – I would see such an opportunity only when his own people bind him and deliver him to Hagi, and the Russian authorities
They will not protest.
If this does not happen, my answer is: “no”.

The International Criminal Court in Hague issued an arrest order to Vladimir Putin

The International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Commissioner of Children’s Rights Maria Lviv-Biełowa.
They are both accused of war crimes in Ukraine consisting in illegal deportations of children from the occupied areas of Ukraine and the removal to Russia.

The International Criminal Court has published on its websites the justification of the decision, as well as the video declaration of the president of the International Criminal Court Piotr Hofmański.
– is prohibited by the international law for the occupying civilian authorities from their place of residence to other areas.
Children are provided with special protection as part of the Geneva Convention – emphasized Piotr Hofmański.

The Kremlin reacts to the arrest order of Putin: outrageous and unacceptable

The judges accepted the prosecutor’s request regarding the arrest warrant.
They decided that the allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations were reliable and that there were reasonable reasons to think that Putin is criminal responsibility for these crimes.
– for committing acts directly, together with others or through other people and for the lack of proper control over civil and military subordinates who committed these acts or committed them – it was written in the justification.

also in the case of Lviv-Biełowa, it was considered that it bears individual criminal liability for crimes committed directly, together with others, or through other people.

In response to the decision of the Tribunal, a spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marija Zacharowa stated that Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of the Hague Tribunal.
The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pieskow.

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