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“Barbossa” operation. Nearly 400 policemen broke the online pedophile grid


As the police inform, 372 CBZC policemen from all off -road cells, supported by officers from the provincial police headquarters, including the Independent Police Police headquarters in Rzeszów, as well as urban and poviat from around the country, took part in the action.


The action was strictly coordinated with the Department of Cybercrime and Computerization of the National Prosecutor’s Office and with off -road prosecutor’s offices throughout the country.

After searching nearly 90 places throughout the country, the police secured a total of 160 thousand.
files presenting sexual abuse of children.
They were sent, among others
In closed groups, through encrypted messengers.
Investigators are still analyzing materials that they found a total of almost three hundred computers and disks.

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17-year-old cyclist hit on belts.
Inattention and lack of knowledge of the regulations

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The detainees are from 19 to 70 years old

As we read, the suspects heard criminal charges of acts under Art.
202 § 3 of the Penal Code
i.e. possession and dissemination of pedophile content.
In 21 cases, the courts decided to use preventive measures in the form of temporary arrests.
Over 641 thousand were secured against future penalties.

The detainees are from 19 to 70 years old.
Among the temporarily arrested are, among others: a man who has been sexually abusing a child and a woman who has been sexually abusing the cohabitant with sensitive photos of his child.
It is also four suspects in the past have already heard criminal charges, spread or possession of pedophile materials.

Unofficially: the police detained a 9-year-old girl kidnapper

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