• Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

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Beata Szydło’s accident. The driver picked up the car. He discovered that the rear lamps disappeared


“over the past 6 years, after one of the expertise, the vehicle has returned without the back lamps. Since the evidence was destroyed, who would take over the missing lamps” – he wrote on Twitter, attaching a photo.


More information soon.

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Szydło: This is not the time to talk about these proposals for the next elections

On Monday, February 27, a final judgment of the government column was passed before the District Court in Krakow, which was traveled by the then premiere Beata Szydło.
The first instance judgment was partially maintained.
Sebastian Kościelnik was found guilty of an accident, but the court did not punish him.

The court in the justification noted that the behavior of the Government Protection Bureau (currently the State Protection Service), which did not include appropriate sound signals during the ride of the column of privileged vehicles.

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