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Blaszczak in Masuria referred to the massacre in Ukraine. “We don’t want Olecko to be the second buzz”


On Saturday, March 18, the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak took part in a meeting with the inhabitants of Olecko in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, which is located 42-43 kilometers from the border with the Kaliningrad District.
The politician announced that in 2023 a new military unit will be built in this city.
The squadron is to join the 1st Masurian Artillery Brigade, whose command is in Węgorzewo.


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Mariusz Błaszczak refers to the war in Ukraine.
“We don’t want Olecko to be the second buzz and we will not let it”

As Mariusz Błaszczak pointed out, the basic condition for Poland’s development is the security of our country.
Further, the politician decided to explain to Olecko residents why the construction of a military unit in their city is necessary.
At that time, the minister very unfortunately referred to the massacre that Russian soldiers carried out at Ukrainian civilians in Bucza.
Ukrainian authorities call the actions of the Russians in this region genocide.

– We don’t want Olecko to be the second buzz and we will not let it.
We will not allow new military units.
A military unit is always a benefit for the local community – said Mariusz Błaszczak.

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Himars-y at the border with the Kaliningrad circuit.
Already this year

– Later this year, and even I will say more, in April the area we acquired will be used to build a military unit.
First, we will start with temporary infrastructure.
We operate quickly, because we quickly want to achieve the effect in the form of a military unit, and it will not be any unit – explained Blaszczak.

– Why artillery?
The experience of the war in Ukraine shows explicitly that artillery works when it comes to the defensive abilities of Ukrainians.
This war that goes on in Ukraine is not a war with precise strokes.
This is a war as during World War II, using artillery and armored troops.
Therefore, so that such an assault does not occur, we strengthen artillery, and the Masurian brigade from Węgorzewo is one of the most important units of the Polish Army – the minister continued.

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