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Dąbrowa Górnicza. My father was suffocating his son. Terrifying words of the mother: when she dies there will be peace


A video appeared in social media, which was recorded in which what happened in one of the apartments in Dąbrowa Górnicza in Silesia.
The recording, which shows violence against the child, was threw to the internet (on the popular Tiktok platform) the boy’s parents themselves.


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what to do when you witness violence against children?

Dąbrowa Górnicza.
The father was chopping his son, the mother did not try to help the child.
“Maybe there will be peace in the end”

The video shows how the emergency man overwhelms the seven -year -old boy into the couch.
The child is chopped and attempts to free himself with all his strength.
He believes with his arms and legs, but he is not able to push a heavier man.
He also begs the mother for help, who only pushes the table to be destroyed so that he is not destroyed by the kicks of the child.

“At the same time, the woman speaks terrifying words: – Maybe there will be peace of mind in the end (when the child dies stewed by the father). Only when the child stops breathing the father releases them. However, the boy cannot catch his breath! Then clearly!
A scared mother begins to pat the child on the back, massage it and blow his mouth to his mouth. After a while, the boy finally takes air and begins to breathe ” – we read in the entry of the Bureau of Defense of the Child, which published a shocking recording on Facebook at this link.

As added, a notification has already been submitted to the child to the Police Headquarters.
“The Children’s Rights Defense Office will immediately notify the Central Bureau of Cybercrime. These types of parents are an offense of up to 15 years of imprisonment. Our organization will demand that the carers be detained and bringing them to the court.
for insight into the situation of the child and the family along with the application/' target='_blank'>application to receive parental responsibility, “writes the Children’s Rights Defense Office.

Parents were charged with mental and physical abuse over the child

It is known that the boy’s parents have already been detained.
Journalists of “Fakt” determined that the couple had already heard allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations.
– We charged them with mental and physical abuse of a clumsy person due to age, is an allegation of article 207 § 1a.
The Criminal Code – donated, on the other hand, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec, Prosecutor Waldemar Łubniewski.
For this act, they are punishable by six months to eight years imprisonment.

The suspects will not go to arrest.
Police supervision was applied to their parents – they must appear three times a week at the command.
The boy was to be placed in a foster family.

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The help point for refugees has nowhere to go.
“Costs output us”


Are you witnessing violence or you suspect that someone is hurting someone?

people who live in the vicinity of people who suspect of using violence should help potential victims in several ways.
It is worth reacting especially when: you hear quarrels, screams, crying or unusual noise.

Witnesses of violence can talk to a harmed person and offer their help or directly report their suspicions to the police, to a social assistance center or on the “blue line”, calling 800 12 00 02. It’s worth it
Remember that a harmed person often hides the perpetrator of shame or fear – this should not discourage action.

“We urge you to look at such situations and provide assistance to stop violence. You will then take part in a very important stage of counteracting violence – in intervention. Your intervention may initiate the process of leaving the violence of the injured person,
But above all, it can help ensure its safety ” – calls the” blue line “.

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