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Daughter of a friend of John Paul II: “He is not a great man.” He writes about the monument and the worship of the cream


Magdalena Sroczyńska is the daughter of Jerzy Turowicz, who has been friends with Karol Wojtyła for years.
According to “Wyborcza”, Sroczyńska is a psycholingist and specialist in the field of language development of children.
In addition, he cooperates with the Institute of Educational Research in Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University and the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
In recent days, her last social media entry has become popular, in which she referred to the reportage of Marcin Gutowski “Franciszkańska 3” and the book of the Dutch journalist Ekke Overbeek.


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elections on papal day?
“PiS wants to take John Paul II to banners”

she knew Karol Wojtyła since she was 12 years old.
“This clearly disqualifies him morally”

“I have to say that I am very hard and sad now. I knew Karol Wojtyła, since I was 12 years old. He was my parents close to my parents. Since he became a pope, I loved him, just like them. My father
, Jerzy Turowicz, said that the day of the election of Karol Wojtyła as the Pope was the most beautiful day in his life. My father devoted his whole life to one goal: he wanted his church, the Catholic Church to change, would become open to the world, and at the same time
that he would return to the basic evangelical message, which is love: love of God and neighbor. With a person of the new pope, he associated great hopes for the renewal of the Church. My father was a man of the Church, he felt for that ” – wrote Magdalena Sroczyńska.
As she explained further, she has been an atheist for two years and does not belong to the Catholic Church, and the word “church” is deliberately writing with a lowercase letter, “because she does not deserve a capital”.

“The results of journalistic investigations of Overbeek and Gutowski show a terrible truth. Terrible. Karol Wojtyła deserves respect for many reasons, because he was a man of good will and in many matters ‘he wanted well’ (although he in his presumption good intentions
In many cases, they led to very bad decisions, especially in matters related to sex) ” – the author wrote and reminded that you could not, among others
Do not notice the effects of some of the decisions of John Paul II, such as the ban on using condoms during the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Magdalena Sroczyńska added that the last materials further discredit the Pope.
“Well, his evident in the light of testimonies and documents covering pedophile crimes subject to his episcopal power of priests, including, above all, sending them to small rural parishes, where they could rape new children without any problems, is something that clearly disqualifies him morally. I can’t morally.
‘love “him, I cannot consider him a’ saint ‘(although I already assess it purely theoretically, because it is for me, as an atheist, one more empty, meaningful words). This is not a great man. After what
I found out, not anymore ” – she wrote.

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Prusak: How could John Paul II be soulless to the victims?
It’s a shock for people

“monument, idiotic worship of the holy cream” and “stupid to pain in Lesser Poland’s darkness curator”

The author, however, pointed out not to attribute to John Paul II “diabolical intentions” to all his actions.
He understands, however, that mockery of the Pope is a reaction to express canonization and “insane” cult of John Paul II, “monumentia”, “idiotic cult of the holy cream” or trade in relics “” wonderfully multiplied by Dziwisz “.
He also points out “stupid to the pain to the Lesser Poland curator” an appeal to hang portraits of Pope -Polish in schools and is afraid that “stupid minister of darkness” will issue such an ordinance – for now you can do it voluntarily.
Also mocks that monthly monthly will be introduced in Poland, if not the weekly in defense of John Paul II.

“I do not explain his behavior with any circumstances. If it was because of the good of the Catholic Church he blurred traces of terrible crimes and enabled further crimes on children, it was a choice of evil. greater evil.
Karol Wojtyła, who was not a zero -one figure, this roller will spread.
I’m sorry for this reason.
Even very much.
I can’t accept the destruction of a man who did a lot of good after all.
All people, everyone deserves a fair assessment, just a judgment of deeds.
He too.
However, completely crazy, absurd defense activities from PiS people and their paws will prevent this ” – sums up Magdalena Sroczyńska.

John Paul II knew.
PiS wants to challenge TVN for “Madzkwil about Wojtyle”

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