• Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

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Donald Trump writes in capital letters and is waiting for arrest. “Protest!”


Donald Trump on Saturday morning wrote on his account on the Truth Social social network
beginning of next week.


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Donald Trump writes in capital letters on his arrest

Trump used only capital letters in his post – which he often happened to him during his presidency, and he referred to himself in the third person.
“The main candidate of Republicans and former US president of America will be arrested next week. Protest, regain our country!”
– he wrote.
Later, his lawyer, Susan Necheles, said that Trump did not know when and whether he would be arrested at all, and based his entry on reports from the media.
The prosecutor’s office refused to comment on this subject.

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What is Trump about?

is to be for the proceedings conducted by the prosecutor’s office in New York.
The case concerns the events of 2016, when Trump was to donate $ 130 Stormy Daniels, the former porn star, for silence about their alleged relationship.
The testimonies of witnesses before the jury have been held from January.
Lawnics must first state the likelihood of committing a crime before Trump could be charged.
According to the media in the United States, the indictment may be brought in the near future – but a specific date (Trump writes about Tuesday) has not died.

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“Gigantic blow to your own society”

CNN reports, citing the (anonymous) reports of “many informed people” that he believes that the indictment would help him politically.
Donald Trump has already announced that he would apply for republican nomination and re -election in the presidential election in 2024.

A few days ago Bloomberg wrote that the company that stands behind Truth Social, Trump Media & Technology Group, released several people, including high positions in it.
According to people similar to the company, it has funds for operations until September – at the current level of expenses.
Trump Media & Technology Group is waiting for the decision of the regulator approving its fusion with Digital World Acquisition Corp.

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