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Donald Tusk submitted a “Radzionkowa declaration”. “We recognize Silesian as regional”


On March 19, Donald Tusk participated in a press conference in Radzionków, where he said that he was “very impressed with Silesia.”
– It is actually nothing new for me, as Kaszeba, a regionalist from conviction […] I know well what this is important for the meaning of the essence of life – growing into the soil for centuries, being really at home – he emphasized.


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Tusk sharply about Kaczyński: I’m going to me!

Donald Tusk in Radzionków.
The PO leader has submitted a “Radzionkowa declaration

– This is the moment when it’s time to say absolutely unambiguous and needed.
We called it “Radzionkowska Declaration” but sometimes you need big words when you talk about large matters – said Tusk.

– “Radzionkowska Declaration” is my declaration that we will finish what people started from here without success, i.e. recognizing the Silesian language as a regional language – announced the leader of PO.
He also assured that the Silesian language would be a regional language at the statutory level.

a row at a meeting with Tusk in Bytom.
“Shut up”, “Lobuzie you!”

The PO chairman also noted that Silesian became a literary language, with spelling principles – novels, essays, poems and translations are created in Silesia.
– But what perhaps the most important thing is that people, Silesians, want it, are proud of their Silesian “Godka” and have absolute right to do so.
Since so many people get involved, since so many people love their regional Silesian language, then you have to give it to them, because this is the most obvious expression of respect for the whole story and the whole culture, also for those who tragically gave their lives during this extraordinary, turbulent time
, dramatic history of Silesia – he pointed out

– as this larger homeland, Poland, although so much we can make amends to respect everything Silesian, slightly different than in other regions of Poland, but in fact “from here” – the most original,
The truest it can be – added Donald Tusk.

Donald Tusk: We will transfer the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry to Silesia

On Saturday, on Saturday, Donald Tusk in Katowice announced that in the event of the election victory of his grouping, steps would be taken to raise the prestige of the region.
– We will transfer the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry here to Silesia.
Decisions regarding Silesia will be made in Silesia – said the head of the PO.

Tusk assured that the extraction of coal from Polish mines can be reconciled with conducting environmentally friendly policy.
He criticized the import of low -quality coal from abroad to the country.

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– We want to bring out Polish coal.
This is not in conflict with the idea of ecological transformation.
At the same time, the dream of Silesians and Silesians with climate and industrial transformation in the region will come true.
Last year has shown that the extraction of Polish coal is not a problem, but the import of coal that resembled mud and mule more – said the chairman of the PO.

Donald Tusk in Bytomi called a bump.
“I invite you to an open meeting”

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