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Drunk priest at the funeral? “He got up three times”, “he wanted PLN 1,700 from us”. Bishop’s reaction


As the local media inform, the situation occurred a few days ago in the parish in the Olec poviat in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.
“It is outrageous that on a day so important for a family, full of sadness and regret to experience such insult by a priest who should be support and support, especially for the widow of the deceased (…), saying goodbye to her beloved husband” -she wrote
In a letter to Radio 5, granddaughter of a deceased man.


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The priest was to celebrate the funeral.
“People from the village have already begun to say: he probably drank”

Another family member of the deceased 93-year-old also referred to the matter in conversation with Interia.
It is known that on Tuesday, March 14, a body was planned from the house, after which a mass and burial at the cemetery in Cimochs were to take place.
The priest was to be picked up by the family from the church and brought in front of the house of mourners.
-We also called that he knew that his uncle was going for him.
He did not answer the phone – the woman said.

As she added, the clergyman only answered the phone from an employee of the funeral parlor.
The priest sounded as if he was just waking up and didn’t know where the family was waiting for him.
-People from the village began to say themselves: he probably drank.
We did not believe all the time that something like this could have happened – Interii told.

At that time, Uncle, who drove in front of the church, informed the family that the priest was intoxicated and barely left the presbytery.
The man thanked the priest and told him not to come home.
The family started looking for a new priest who was found after some time.
At that time, the priest, who was dismissed earlier, appeared on the property of the mourners, who was brought by a resident of the village.

-He couldn’t get out of it.
He got up three times.
Red on the mouth, swollen, there was alcohol from him.
He was dressed in robes and wanted a funeral.
As if nothing happened – reports anonymously a family member of the deceased.
The family asked him to leave, but the priest refused.
Ultimately, the priest was pushed into the car and taken to the presbytery.
In the church, it turned out that there was no organist who was sought by his family at the last minute.
– And the priest wanted PLN 1,700 from us for organizing the funeral – comments the family.

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drunk priest at the funeral?
Is the reaction of the curia: this behavior is reprehensible and unacceptable

The interlocutor adds that the priest deprived the family of a quiet farewell to the family.
After the publication of history in social media, a few people spoke to a woman who gave her similar stories about the priest mentioned above.
-Earlier, as he was a pastor in the neighboring parish, he was also supposed to celebrate a drunk funeral mass.
Later he was transferred to us.
He has been a pastor here for about two years – he indicates.

Bishop Jerzy Mazur removed the priest from the parish immediately.
– Everything seems to indicate that that day the priest could be under the influence of alcohol.
This behavior is reprehensible and unacceptable.
He caused great damage to the faithful and the Church.
I am very sorry for this – he told journalists Radio 5 Fr.
Marcin Maczan, chancellor of the Ełk curia.

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