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Drunk Russians got into a fight on board the plane to Dubai. They were deported to Russia [VIDEO]


According to E1.RU portal, on March 13 there was a row on the plane of the Flydubai aircraft flying from Ekaterinburg to Dubai.
Three men got into a fight.
The event was registered by one of the people in the cabin.


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flight from Russia to Dubai.
Drunk men fought aboard the plane

Drunk passengers shouted vulgarisms and fought with each other.
They put almost half a plane on their feet.
The recording shows that one of the adventurers also attacked the passenger, sitting near the participants of the fight.
When another man tried to pull the aggressor, he was hit by his head.

three men participating in the avantion did not pay attention to the crying of children or the requests of the other passengers to calm down.

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Media: The participants of the row on the Flydubai aircraft were sent to Russia

Flydubai representatives confirmed the journalists of E1.Ru information about the avantion.
– We are aware of violations of discipline by passengers on board the FZ 938 aircraft, which on March 13 flew from the international airport in Jekaterinburg to the international airport in Dubai.
Passengers and crew safety is our highest priority, and we took this incident very seriously – Flydubai told.

So far, it has not been officially announced what consequences will be drawn to the people participating in the fight.
The portal mirror.co.uk said, however, that at least two men were refused entry into the territory of the United Arab Emirates and sent to Russia.

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