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Duda: Four MiG-29 fighters will go to Ukraine in the coming days. Another in preparation


Andrzej Duda told journalists after meeting the Czech President that the decision was first at the level of the highest state authorities, and then the government adopted a special resolution in this matter.
This has happened because the MiG-29 fighters are still active planes in the defense of Poland.
The president announced that we have a dozen or so more of them – they were taken over in the early 90s from the GDR.


Andrzej Duda reminded that their place will be taken by planes from South Korea – FA50, whose first copies will appear in Poland this year, and then – F -35 fighters ordered in the United States.

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duda: We send MiG-29 fighters Ukraine

The fact that Poles intend to pass on to Ukrainians fighters was the first to be informed by President Andrzej Duda, last Wednesday in an interview with CNN.
– This remaining part of the Migs -29, which we have in Poland and which now serve in our Air Force, we are ready to deliver these aircraft and I am sure that Ukraine would be ready to use them immediately – said Andrzej Duda at the American station.

During the Tuesday conference, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed that the transfer of MiG-29 Ukraine fighters may take place over the next four-six weeks.

Polish Migi-29 will soon go to Ukraine?
The Prime Minister presented the date

Korean fighters will go to the Polish army

Poland will buy 48 FA-50 fighters from South Korea, of which the first 12 copies are to be delivered to our pilots in the middle of the year.
Aircraft will be configured in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Air Force and equipped with a NATO identification system of your own.

– Old aircraft will be replaced by modern FA-50 aircraft- this will be a generational jump.
The FA-50 is from the same generation as the F-16, it will be a significant strengthening of the Polish Air Force-said the head of the Ministry of National Defense

48 Korean aircraft for the Polish army.
Blaszczak approved the contract

– this is an extremely important moment in the last history of the Polish Armed Forces.
This day determines the beginning of the end of the presence of Soviet fighter aircraft in our army – said the president at the 23rd Tactical Air Base in Mińsk Mazowiecki.
-We will have a full hunting specialization at the disposal of the Polish Air Force enabling various types of tasks and missions.
We assume that for the next decades this is not the end of shopping – he added.

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