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Farmers booed the minister in Kielce. Kowalczyk had to evacuate. “Spier ….. grandfather”


March 17 in Kielce began in the 28th edition of the Agricultural Agricultural Technology Fair.
The event was attended by, among others
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk.
However, the politician was not warmly welcomed by other participants of the fair.
About 400 farmers associated with the “Cheated Village” Association protested against government policy, manifesting their dissatisfaction in a definite way.


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less money for farmers.
Hetman: This is an example of exposing the lie that this power has fed farmers for years

Farmers at the fair in Kielce booed the Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk.
“Spier …. Grandfather”

Events in Kielce were described by echodnia.eu.
Farmers surrounded the representatives of the authorities and booed Minister Kowalczyk.
There was a scuffle.
Deputy Marshal Renata Janik was injured, who pushed the crowd to one of the tractors.

Farmers will block the border with Ukraine, instead of protesting throughout the country

A film published on YouTube by “Tygodnik Gadnik Agricultural” shows that dissatisfied farmers also chanted vulgar slogans.
At the address of the Minister of Agriculture and other representatives of the authorities were shouted, among others
“Spier …. grandfather”, “Judas”, “Thieves”.

Agrotech fair in Kielce.
Protest against the unlimited influx of grain from Ukraine

Farmers protested against uncontrolled import of grain from Ukraine, which, according to the participants of the demonstration, strikes their interests.
– We wanted to show our dissatisfaction.
Unfortunately, despite the declarations made to us by Minister Henryk Kowalczyk, nothing changes.
We already know for sure that in the harvest there will be no place for our wheat in the warehouses.
The export of grain goes very slow, but the import of Ukraine goes in full swing – said Wiesław Gryn from the “Cheated village” association, quoted by the weekly-rolniczy.pl.

Gryn also pointed out that farmers have long been trying to present their arguments to the rulers, but their actions remain ineffective.
– Our demands that we have been submitting for half a year are not taken into account at all.
The ministry does nothing.
And unfortunately, farmers will not have anything to buy fuel or fertilizers for.
Because our grain is unnevable.
The price of wheat in the Zamość region dropped below PLN 900, and rapeseed below PLN 2,000.
We can’t function at these prices.
The idea was to help Ukraine, but not to destroy Polish agriculture – said the farmer.

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were self-defense deputies in the farmers’ council.
“PiS is looking for reliable leaders”

farmers dissatisfied with government policy.
The police intervened during the fair in Kielce.
The minister had to evacuate

The police and protection reacted quickly to the riots, and the protest was over.
The Minister of Agriculture, for his own security, was evacuated from the hall where the fair took place.
Commenting on these events, Henryk Kowalczyk expressed his readiness to talk, provided that they take another, more constructive form.
– I invited representatives of this organization and I still invite you to talk.
It’s hard to talk in noise and whistles.
I invite you to specific ideas and conversations – said Kowalczyk.

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