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France. The government forced the pension reform without voting. Will there be a vote of distrust?

Mar 16, 2023 ,

On Thursday, March 16, the French Senate adopted the controversial act reforming the pension system.
In the afternoon, voting was to be held in the lower parliamentary chamber – the National Assembly.
According to Deutsche Welleag, however, the government decided to bypass it, along with questioned pension reforms.
“A quick decision was made just before the planned voting, in which most apparently was not provided” – we read.


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The government forced the reform without voting in the National Assembly

The government of Emmanuel Macron referred to art.
49.3 of the French constitution and forced the pension reform without convening a vote in parliament.
– We cannot risk the future of our pensions, this reform is necessary – explained France’s premiere Elisabeth Borne.

“a risky move can cause a quick conclusion of a vote of no confidence for the Macron government,” writes DW.
As the Reuters agency quotes, such a step has already been announced by Marine Le Pen, who relied on art.
49.3 called “a sign of weakness”.

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Reform of the pension system in France

regarding the reform of the pension system until Thursday morning the negotiations of the government with the opposition – especially with the center -right – to obtain its support in voting for retirement reform.
The power camp lacked about 40 votes.
It was also not certain whether a group of republicans numbering 62 deputies unanimously the law.

The reform has been arousing huge social protests for months.
Its main assumptions are an increase in retirement age from 62 to 64 years and eliminating retirement privileges.
The changes in the system were opposed by trade unionists who announced the continuation of protests, even if the law was adopted by parliament.

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