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He has 23 children, one of Mariupol. The tribunal in The Hague chases her. Who is the “children’s collector”?


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

The International Criminal Court in Hague issued the arrest warrant on Friday by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lviv-Biełowa.
MTK emphasized that they are to be responsible for the unlawful deportation and resettlement of children from Ukraine to Russia.


– all this is very strange.
It seems to me that this is a clear confirmation that when you do not have other ways to intimidate, such completely sarcastic things are invented – said Lviv -Biełów, commenting on the command of the Tribunal in the Hague.
“I will continue to work,” she announced.

She also stated that the action of the MTK is good for her work.
– It is great that the international community appreciates our efforts to help the children of our country, that we do not leave them alone in the war zone, that we take them and create good conditions for them, we surround them with loving people who care about them.
Sanctions against me are from many countries, even Japan, now an arrest warrant.
I wonder what will be next – she said on Russian TV RTVI.

The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Vladimir Putin.
There is an order

Who is “Collector of children”?

Maria Lviv-Biełowa was born in 1984 in Penza nad Surła.
She is the wife of a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church.
He has five biological and eighteen adopted children – this number is given by “The Moscow Times”.
In October 2021, Lviv-Biełów took the position of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights.
Vladimir Putin himself entrusted her this function.
In the media, she is sometimes called “racous mattress”.

From the beginning of the full -scale assault to Ukraine, it is responsible for the export of Ukrainian children from occupied areas to Russia and for their “integration” in a new country.
Lviv-Biełowa herself claims that it is a “evacuation”, which is caused by concern for the good of children.
The authorities in Kiev emphasize, however, that they are really kidnappings.

– She stands behind this practice, she co-organizes and defends him, and praises him.
(…) I would not call it a deportation, it is simply a kidnapping – said Wacław Radziwinowicz on TVN24, a long -term correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in Russia.

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The Kremlin reacts to the arrest order of Putin: outrageous and unacceptable

She adopted a child from Mariupol

Last year, Lviv-Biełowa announced that she had adopted a child who was kidnapped by Russian soldiers.
This is 15-year-old Filip from Mariupol.
Radziwinowicz called her “the collector of children”.
– Not so long ago, because in September, she confessed, and then she whispered in front of Putin that her dream came true because she still has a boy adopted from Mariupol, a Ukrainian boy.
She said that she always dreamed of it to have such a child – he said.

Filip and a group of children from Mariupol became in the spring of 2022 first taken to Donetsk, and then to the Moscow region.
According to Lviv -Biełowa, a teenager likes Russia, but – as he emphasizes – not with every Ukrainian child is the same.
– they say negatively about the president [Putin – ed.], They say various nasty things, sing the hymn of Ukraine, [they say – Glory of Ukraine “etc. – she said in September, adding that” after passing under the care of Russian families a negative approach
He transforms into love for Russia. ”
– We started asking the boys: “So you say Russia is bad. Well, let Russia be angry, you now have the opportunity to return.”
None of the children wanted to come back, everyone said: “We are very good here,” she said.

Putin arrest warrant order.
The chances of bringing him in a court are slim

This is not an evacuation, but abduction and laundry of brain”

Let us recall, at the beginning of March, Daria Herasymczuk, a Ukrainian spokeswoman for the rights of a child, called this procedure part of the “Russification Campaign”.
– The Russians say they evacuated 738 thousand.
Ukrainian children.
This is not an evacuation, but the abduction and laundry of brain.
This is the act of genocide – she said, adding that so far Kiev has recorded 16,221 cases of kidnapping children.

HERAsymczuk emphasized that the Russians use five methods: they will kill parents and take children;
They take children directly from their parents;
They separate parents and children in the so -called
filtration camps;
They send children to alleged sports or health camps;
kidnap children from special schools, boarding schools and orphanages.

The spokeswoman for the child’s rights also reported that only 307 children returned to Ukraine, and some of them were mentioned as prisoners of war.

“The Sunday Times” described the story of 15-year-old Vitaliy, who was taken from home a few months earlier.
He called me, crying and saying that this is not a camp for children, but a prison.
There were no sheets on the beds.
(…) The children were fed like pigs and beaten if they did not sing the Russian hymn – said the mother of the teenager.

Medvedev with a arrest warrant of Putin.
He added a significant emote

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