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He listened to Putin’s message with pasta on his ears. He heard a verdict for “discrediting the army”


The message of Vladimir Putin, who was listened to by councilor Michał Abdalkin, was delivered on February 21 before the Federal Assembly.
Putin once again dropped responsibility for the war in Ukraine west.
He duplicated lies about the plans of aggressive actions against Russia or “the fight against Ukrainian Nazism.”
The Samarski politician threw a recording on the network how he listens to this speech with pasta on his ears.
A sentence has just been passed in his case.


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He listened to Putin’s speech with pasta on his ears.
He was convicted of “discrediting the army”

Deputy politician to the Samarska Regional Duma Mikhail Abdalkin recorded a video in which he listened to Putin’s speech.
In a gesture of opposition, he sat with pasta on his ears.
It was supposed to be a reference to the popular Russian saying “Way the pasta on the ears”, which means talking about something long and strenuous conviction or more simply – telling lies.
The recording published on the same day, among others
on the Russian Social Platform Vkontakte.
It is also available on YouTube.

Video clearly did not like the Russian services.
As Radio Swoboda reported on Thursday, March 16, the politician was punished by a court in the Samarski District of 150,000.
rubles, or about 8.5 thousand
PLN, for “discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation”.

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he murdered a civilian in Ukraine.
He was convicted of “spreading disinformation”

Advocate Abdalkina in an interview with “Kommersant” commented that the sentence was unfounded.
He pointed out that both the video and in his description did not say any words about the war in Ukraine or the Russian army.
Therefore, he intends to appeal against the judgment.

Earlier Samarska Duma gave the public councilor reprimand.
It was also proposed to exclude it from the communist party.

High penalties for “false information” or “discreditation of the army” fighting in Ukraine

Let us recall, after Russia starts the invasion of Ukraine, provisions were introduced, according to which “discredit” or “false information” is threatened by administrative or criminal proceedings.
Recently deputy state pride adopted amendments that have been tightening regulations.
In the case of citizens, a fine may be up to 50,000.
rubles, in the case of legal persons – up to 500,000

Poland will hand over mi-29 Ukraine.
Foreign media: “turning point”

If during the year the perpetrator is once again held responsible for such actions, he may go to prison for five years (so far they were three years).
The maximum punishment for discreditation that would have dangerous consequences (e.g. mass social unrest) are not five, but seven years in prison.
A person who has already been punished for similar acts may face 15 years in prison and 5 million rubles.

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