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He took the dog from the shelter and then abandoned him. He heard the allegation of animal abuse


The officers received a notification on Thursday, March 16, which we can read about on the police website.
The district post in Łasin was notified by a witness of the incident in nearby Szonów about the possibility of committing a crime related to animal abuse.
The witness saw the driver of the car who released the dog from the vehicle and then drove away.
The policemen managed to identify the man.


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Katarzyna Dowbor reacted to the animal treated badly by participants.
“You were outraged”

The man could not take care of the dog from the shelter, so he abandoned him

Based on the car registration numbers provided by the witness, it was determined that his driver was a 62-year-old resident of Rogóżno.
When the police found him, he tried to justify the abandonment of the animal.
“He explained his behavior by the fact that he could not cope with the dog he had previously taken from the hostel. His mentee was supposed to run away, so he decided to abandon him over 15 kilometers from his place of residence,” the officers said.

unique sopot maps.
They checked who he escapes heat and where it shines too much

Policemen took care of the dog and informed the shelter about the whole matter.
They also emphasized an important role that a witness of the incident played in identifying the perpetrator of the crime.
His proper reaction – immediate notification of a police event – allowed to save the animal.

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an irresponsible dog owner from the shelter heard the allegation of animal abuse

62-year-old will be responsible for his proceedings before the court.
He heard the allegation of animal abuse.
He is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years.

Wałbrzych: They left the dog in front of the cold shelter.
And they left

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