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He wanted to buy medicine for a horse. “It was decided that he wanted to cause miscarriage.” There is a police comment


Judge Maciej Czajka released an entry in social media on March 17, describing the story of a friend who tried to realize the veterinary prescription in one of the pharmacies in Krakow.
“The husband of a friend went to buy to the pharmacy prescribed by the veterinarian a medicine for ulcers for a horse. Yes, yes – he was just detained in the pharmacy by the police that he wanted to cause miscarriage. We organized legal assistance. There is no rescue for this country” – wrote Maciej Czajka.


The man wanted to buy medicine for a horse.
The pharmacy called the police

The judge added in the next post that “the matter” explained “.
The man’s wife learned that the officers received a notification from the pharmacy, so they had to intervene.
“So they rolled him,” they confirmed the identity of the veterinarian and the prescription, so they would interrogate and release him. They were even a bit surprised that the pharmacy did not confirm it by itself, “wrote the judge.

Małopolska police have also referred to the matter.
“Please do not spread fake news. A pharmacy employee informed us about suspected fake a prescription. After we confirmed the veterinarian that everything is correct, the detainee was released” – it was written in a commentary under the entry of the judge.

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“The actual reason for notification was the suspected use of the prescription ‘for a horse’ for miscarriage ‘

“I do not refer to the legitimacy of stopping … The matter looks strange at different levels. The real reason for notification was the suspected use of the prescription ‘for a horse’ for miscarriage.
I wrote. And besides, who would like to fake a ‘horse’ prescription

– We had a notification of suspected use of a fake recipe from an employee of one of the pharmacies in Krakow.
The pharmacist could not reach the vet to verify the prescription, and they were very large doses of the drug, which is why she called the police – Barbara Szczerba from the press office of the Lesser Poland police explained in an interview with “Fakt”.
The officers were to talk to a man on the spot who wanted to buy a prescription, and after talking to a veterinarian and “after the activities the man was released”.

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